48 hours on, 24 off our work schedule,

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48 hours on, 24 off, that’s how we work our employees. 48, hours on call and in the truck , then 24 mandatory off time, to sleep, and recuperate. No use killing yourself.

Okay then, got this notice in email, of a Credit management outfit, that asked me for my phone number. At first I wasn’t going to provide it, security crap and all but I did. Now in the notice it says we will not sell or share your information. Poppy Cock, these so called free outfits no matter who it is , is going to find a way to recover their investment. What you think is free, really isn’t. Want proof? Install an ad blocker on your computer in your browser, watch how many publications and sites you can’t access everything from. Pretty much none. In the future look for more pay to use platforms and fewer free sites. Now onto Facebook. Facebook in its infancy wasn’t such a bad place to mingle and share ideas and such. Here lately its become full of smut, porn, and not much content. Its just the same thing however, with many online newsrags, {not including ours} that give you a headline, and the short story, but not the complete story, Radio Ink, several on LinkedIn, Inc.Magazine, Fast Company, and a few more. Its just stupid. Its called bait and snatch, but in any blind cast, you come up with no fish. In this case less want to read or even subscribe to any of these publications. Even most local newspapers that offer online news pages, don’t give you much until you break out a credit card. Everybody needs to make a dollar to live. The Interweb has diminished the news or information business. Digital radio reduced or threatened broadcasting , yet there’s a few of us in broadcasting that figured out how to use the Interweb, years ago, to grow our audience and gain a bigger footprint. Fortunately HazzardAyre Media, one of our parent companies has maintained a quality product with information you can use, not just popular fluff. Next edition: Beer is good for a upset stomach, even scripture says so.

Stay Tuned

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