If I wanted to live in the cold I’d have stayed in Wyoming, dang its cold outside.


tHe sun is out, but its not warming up much here. Its still cold as heck here, and if I wanted to freeze , I’d have stayed in Wyoming. As it is, and I’m glad that I don’t have to pay for electric here, one must crank up the heat from one tiny base board heater to near 90, just to get it up to 70, real temp. Amazing.

So been looking over the TV a lot more, since radio at least not being done by us, really sucks in this area. TV Ads that run or mesh up old classic rock makes me angry. Original creativity on anything any more seems to be a serious missing element of TV and media in general. Some of the old GEICO ad’s are kind of funny, but that Flo on the ad’s is really messed up. Then we move on to JG. Wentworth, they refreshed their ad. Thing is if you have ever tried to snag a dollar with that outfit, you’ll find they’re awful and can be mean.

Still trying to find the $5k I need to satisfy the people who own our shop. Some of that is coming from the Montgomery Foundation, the rest from what the Clubs can scrounge up.

Everyone wants to build our website. I have several emails a day from people or firms all over the world asking me or selling me their services. I have rules. 1St, not going to do business with someone half way around the back side of the planet, and I’ll be damned if I’ll give passwords and deets to someone I don’t know.

More in the evening edition.

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