Enough with the Tribal, Serengeti crap on TV

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Have you seen the new Dorittos ad with all the classic rides, but a bunch of tribal spear chucker rap verbiage? Not only does all that detract from the product, but just is plain stupid. Of course there’s the new MTn Dew ad, with the corn row folks gliding around some mansion on big wheels, rapping the copy? I say enough with the crappy TV ads. Can we just have something decent? Immediately one then thinks sexy, that still sells lots of products and services. Catch the music audio on Perkin’s Café’s ads. Where the guy goes in , sits down and the waitress comes over and says, “ What are ya thinking?” The guy responds, a burger and fries, and so on. First the gal from breasts up doesn’t look too bad, from hips on down its tubby city. Dang if your going to play the kind of music they do on that ad, cast someone a bunch more spiffy. I call it the Tempt, me, don’t insult me concept. Not just insult me, concept. Did someone just get stupid or are ad budgets just still really tight? The best way to get the word out about your business, is to be creative and intelligent. Use what ever eye candy you can muster up, put some time in on the script if there is one, make it good, short and spicy, but not too spicy, since there is a chance of more than likely a child might see it. Some of the best casted and built ads are the ones for Gold Bond. Where the gal just puts some on then walks down the hall, kinda spicy, yet tasteful. It’s a simple concept and sells the product. Most of the decent ad’s are contracted by Disney, the rest it seems is missing any kind of thought.

Last but not least this afternoon, is everyone in Twin Falls today on a terminal case of PMS? Seems everywhere I went today, most people were in a pissy mood. Bad moods by your employees, can be bad for business. One thing being in towing, you learn rapidly, that your next customer is most likely not going to be in a good mood when they call you. Either their ride puked, they hit someone or something, or they’re getting hauled off the cross bar hotel. It’s up to you as a towing professional to put them at ease and be of some comfort. If your pissy, sit out the tow. Too bad other jobs don’t teach this. Like this morning, went to the local A&W, for lunch, same time as I usually do, yet after pestering some punk who didn’t understand what the volume control on the stereo just had to bark at me in his disturbed attitude, that there was a customer in front. His bark was that they really were not open yet. Must be different hours on weekends. It wasn’t that that he could have said they were not open yet, but the way he said it. Want to know who wont have a job come Monday? All I know there’s a serious need for some good person to bag a trailer truck load of Midol and pour it into the area water supply.

Lighten up.

Stay Tuned.

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