Here’s one for you!!


Before I get into my rant here, this morning, I need to clear some things up, mainly to do with MY PoohBear. Understand I love that young lady more than just about anything on earth. Cept maybe only seconded by LexiBelle. Second there is two other points as to why she is not here by my side right now. First; she is not yet a member of the Church, and Church and gospel says until marriage thou shalt not live together. Heavenly Father made that quite clear, when both of us tried to cohabitate in Evanston. And last where I’m residing right now and money as short and tight as it is, it wouldn’t be a healthy environment for us to reside in the same domicile right now. The mess in Jerome, that goes to court in mid March for the first hearing regarding Cook Realty on the place I got hoodwinked into is only part of it, then comes the battle in mid April with our court fight with CenturyLink. Once those things are complete, radio gear for the club is recovered, and all then is wedding bells at the Idaho Falls Temple. 

wolf-of-hazzard-county-journal.jpg So was surfing the net and saw that Idaho Legislators have not yet read a bill on the Senate floor, to include the words for the LGBTQ community to thwart discrimination in employment and other such sitch’s. Really? Does that mean, that if some sexually challenged person applies at our company and I say get lost because your GAY, that at least in Idaho its still legal to do so? Does that mean that? Or could an action be taken on a company because they would not hire a gender challenged person? In my opinion the Idaho Legislature, of whom 80% are LDS are not to keen on the entire subject and thus not voting on, nor wanting to proppel the state into that snare. 

Two more items this morning; Could one sue a landlord that knows their places are extremely drafty that you freeze most of the time, if you get pneumonia like I did? Especially if it takes you away from your work? And second, and this goes to what I started with. That slightly plump, droopy jugged young lady in Florida right now, is my love and life. Every day I gain more and more love for her, as she has stuck by me , sacrificed what financial resources she has to help me get some traction to my action, for the company and the MC. Its that and a ton more things that makes her mine. She may not be a prancing , long legged fashion model, but then shit I’m not no GQ super stud either, heck in my hospital gown thingy I look like a bald headed Mini Pearl. (quit laughing) Sure PoohBear and I don’t have a lot in common, but physics will tell you, two like polarized atoms repel each other , not attract. 

Stay Tuned.

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