Suffering from severe writers Block, could be blue balls?


Early this morning and getting ready for church , I am suffering from a condition called Writers Block, where its on the mind just can’t grip how to write it. Could it be just a simple case of blue balls syndrom? I can remember a year or so ago when Angel showed up at the Lair in Wendell. Her and this hussey from American Falls showed up one day, and left some nylons behind that I placed on the door of the radio studio. With that around, all I needed to do when I got a creative block, was take a sniff or two, get rid of the need to breed and I could get back to carving out copy or radio material. Now it too might be for the lack of my bigger computers, the radio gear, or just the fact here lately a serious sitch, of I just don’t give a dang. What ever it is, its haunting me this morning.

Speaking of church and gospel. The denomination I follow has this piece in its teachings called the Doctrine And Covenants, part 89 is always quoted as to the things you shouldn’t do. And yet bible teachings say that wine and spirits it say in Proverbs is good for a man weighed down with worry. As many of you know , a week or so ago, I was brought down to humbleness by what turned out to be pnemonia and a bleeding ulcer. When I got home after not being able to afford more of the stomach meds, I remembered that my mom used to say that a little beer that had been allowed to go flat was good for upset tummies. So down to the Maverick I went got a six pack of Bud, after two cans I was okay. So I did some digging in even Part 89 and here’s what I came up with. scripture2Can’t get a better recommendation than that. So then I began looking at both biblical and Church teachings, that are not spoken of yet, are thrown off by Churchy types, but in reality they are things Heavenly Father put on this Earth for us to use, more over given the intelligence to construct those things for our use.

stay tuned


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