The Oscars sucked, made me bored and fell asleep half way into it. And Words can be the same and different at the same time.


So tuned into and now I regret it, but tuned into last night’s Oscars. Few of anything on film or otherwise that a akin to was awarded ,much less nominated. So near mid ep, I switched over to the Weather Channel and watched Highway Thru Hell, and of course our name sake Heavy Rescue 401. So then took a gander at the FB newsfeed of mine, and saw that there was a post by hosting TV station KIVI out of Boise, that had a promo for their newscast. The promo was very lame and not much of anything that would invite you there. Then saw a post by Jacobs concerning the LIVE announcers and DJ’s, that are lacking in all forms of media and broadcasting. There is a severe lack of on air talent out there, but then there is a need. Where will the new talent come from? Of course there is the cliche that says, if you pay peanuts don’t expect the Wolves or Jungle Cats to show up. Which means, if you only pay $10.00 or even the $15.00 an hour wages that makes working at McDonalds, seem a better bet, for most applicants, don’t expect top notch experienced talent to apply. It doesn’t matter which gender either. In fact most men will enter broadcasting for much less per hour than a woman with the same degree of skills, and talent. Then I got this blip on LinkedIn about mentoring, I say great, I’ll mentor even the less than skilled person, no matter the gender, into broadcasting let alone towing. I once thought of setting up classes at a junior community college in Wyoming, but that went no where. Mostly cause slightly after I met PoohBear. Subject for another time. 


wolf-of-hazzard-county-journal_thumb.jpgwolf bark

There are Words, that can be spelled the same as well as slightly different, mean something different yet sound the same thing. Words like Hooker, can mean a honey for rent, for the night, or a tow truck. For that matter the word TOE and TOW spelled different, yet sound the same thing which I had a great intern, that was able to meld the two words together and came up with the word TOEW. That wasn’t easy for me to do, but she did. I have been lucky in all three of my careers . I have had great Mentors. In radio, I had Kelly Klass, of KEZJ FM fame, in Aviation, Pappy Boyington, and a AVI instructor, Major Kemp, of Pennsicola Florida. And last but not least I had two great Mentors in towing, one in skills, of operation and one in the business acumen to ownership. John Nausbaum of Jonny’s Towing of Twin Falls, the latter Charles Legg of A1 Towing & Heavy Haul Twin Falls.  So when I get the chance of being a mentor I jump at the chance, call it paying it forward on a vocational basis. Of course I couldn’t write this without saying that I learned a lot at Pocatello’s Vision12 aka CableAccess channel. There I learned how to be on floor camera, as well as linear editing. Two skills I would have never learned without being part of that. 


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