If you want to start a fire, you first must strike a spark.

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mY its been a very long day. Some idiot here decided to do a quick escape from the fuzz, and ended up causing a 13 vehicle pile up , plus flipping a big rig. Talk about a long clean up.

Okay then: If your like me you no doubt get at least 30 or better of emails selling you something, or begging you to buy, or attend some conference in some far off place. Plain Jane generic emails go the wayside. If there’s not something to capture my attention, I’m looking everywhere and elsewhere . The ones that have some spicy or a look is when I give it attention. Spicy can come from any source. Whether it’s a hot lady Gina-Yellow-Sweater enhancing a product I might be interested in, or a great magazine unnamed a bit of time makes your service more memorable. Without careful production, and oversight your just throwing money down the drain into a manure pile. When we decided years ago, to adopt the infamous toew smooch HRT ERIN it was seen by many as a bit over the top to say the least. Today, no matter what handle our service is operated under that toew smooch is remembered. The same thing goes for all your advertising as well as a public marketing. Years ago if you did do TV ads, you had 3 maybe 4 TV stations and/or TV networks to work with. A remote control was only going to go to two or 3 other stations. You didn’t have to be so picky. Today, with VOD, and 500 plus cable/satellite channels out there, if you don’t have something a bit quirky to grasp your intended viewer or customer. Now too, even though in years gone by anything automotive was the decision of the male corpuscle in the home, so hot happy women pitching a car, car part or service center was at least on the surface okay and acceptable. However today that target is of both genders. Women control 70 % of a homes cash flow. Its no longer the domain of the man of the home. Women also make decisions, especially anything to do with the family transportation. If your pitching your towing service on TV you best produce an ad that attracts both the man and woman or again your loosing money and not spending money in the right way. So if your going to start a fire to gain traction for your towing action, light a spark, don’t just serve bland soup.


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