It’s good that nurses are good looking cause all too many are not too swooft.

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It sure is good the Nurses, LPN’s and such are pretty, because many are just that swooft. The lack of intelligence, us more aimed on the theory of let’s not do or allow anything that we could be sued over. It’s not that the nurses don’t care, its that they are the main source of care in a hospital, and the first to be discharged if there’s a law suit. In our industry that same risk is always there. A rig can be completely totaled , yet put the smallest scratch on it and the insurance and owner of the rig will sue , like a hungry lion. This indicates, and again toewing takes the lead here, but training and continued training and updates, keeps the legal eagles away. Should be that way for LPN’s and other medical types. Now let me let you in, on an example. First I lay this right at the feet toew netof hospital administration. The other day went in to renew a prescription. Couldn’t remember the Doc’s name, but here I was. Here was this old lady rolling out at maybe 80 years old, no computer, couldn’t help me. I had to stick my nose IMG_0033into another medical office to get any assistance. Now once I found where I needed to go, the gal working the desk, had no idea as to answer my questions. Said she needed to go fetch a nurse. After 45 minutes of searching, shazzam we found me and my prescrip, list. Got the scrip renewed all was done. It might say St. Luke’s on the sign, but even with a great building and fresh décor, still its still Magic Valley Memorial, with about the same level of expertise. Day was my 12 off, nope, if it were not for me there’s times, I think Heavy Rescue would stub its toes or should I say Toews.

Stay Tuned.

Pappy Sig

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