A Harley Commune and yes I like lady’s feet.


A few years back whilest moving up yonder to Hagerman, Idaho. My Dad and I cruising in an old U-Haul rent truck, stopped in a tiny, tiny town on the Idaho Utah border out on highway 81. So with that I marveled at the area, not too cold, not to hot, just a vast area, that was mostly farming. A few years later, Bro and I searching out an old runway that we as a aviation club could buy and fly our helo’s and other byrds off of. Come to find the old airstrip of that tiny town. So we started work, on the thought, of flat ass buying the entire blooming town. Rebuild the old buildings, fuel stops and so on. With the often wrong perception of some folks of the not knowing of us on two wheels and gearheads, why not grab that piece of real estate, and build a Harley Commune, called Hazzard Idaho.

That’s what’s going on with the Knytes/AyreWolvez in 2019.

HRJ PHOOTENOTESnOW its no big secret that I’m always attracted to a pretty lady wearing nylon stockings and such. But it goes way beyond a casual fetish. Back when the Dukes-of-Hazzard was a fever that was a big hit, and since we as a Club created the first and only studio approved version in real life of the Hazzard County Garage, there came this concept for a TV ad for our tow service, side of the Hazzard Garage. So the thought was at the end of the ad I would do a gentile smooch of the models toes, Cinderella style in the idea of playing on the words toe and tow. So the search was on to find the tiniest toes, with perfect attributes, with no bumps, pigeon toes, etc. Trust me even in nylons those imperfections will show up on camera. This was a daunting task. Too many young ladies that we interviewed thought Bro and I were pervs, or something. But we kept on searching. Then came the discovery that even the hottest women’s feet even in nylons, stink. How to overcome that, at least for filming became another daunting task. Finally we found the solution to the sitch. Every other year we go out to search for another perfect footed toed woman to do the ad. So the fetish is not a sexual fetish, but one of vocation and a business fetish. After the radio station that is our Flagship station is KTOW, or KAY-TOW(e) . So yes , when I meet a new lady corpuscle, the first thing I look at is her feet, especially if in nylons, yet I have found one lady at Church that has the right legs, just need to convince her to give me a gander at her toes. Stay Tuned for that.


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