Take Care of what’s Down There, and, what happened to US and SAMCRO ?


Women are infact strange creatures. I heard one tell me that women, at least under the 45 year old age bracket are just a package of hormones. Depending on your point of view, the moodiness and all are all part of the reproductive process. The Mother Nature visit every month, scratching, yeast infections(guys can get that one too) in fact 80% of the problems both physical as well as emotional are tied to that vagina. Or va Jay-Jay, as Opra Whinfrey calls it. That thing has been known to cause wars, create contempt, and is generally the one part of the female anatomy that most men can’t understand. Working with all too many women over the years on air and for Club promotions, shows etc, even models and actress’s get weird during certain times of the month and even year. Then there are smells or scents. In my sitch, I dig women’s toes and feet in nylons, and such. I often wondered why a woman’s feet and toes in or out of hosiery didn’t smell bad, nor did their underarms. The PH level and a woman’s chemistry are quite a bit different than a man’s. The scents of a woman are mainly from pheromones that signal that a woman is fertile and needing to breed. Most women suppress this urge, even so those scents are still there. And to most men, though, even most of us male corpuscles are not aware of it, we all of a sudden get a higher heart beat, faster breathing and even an erection. Remember that thing you always wondered in school, why sometimes you got a stiffy in class for no reason? There was a reason, that little blonde, or redhead sitting next to your desk most likely were throwing off pheromones that got your male attention. Could even be that teacher with the black seamed stockings in the mini skirt that caught your male eye. In the wyld, canines sniff the females behind to detect if she’s fertile, called being in heat. The Wolf especially is acute on this as his nostrils will smell the Pheromones and then the smell of a bleeding vagina. In all cases, to be a good male, take care of her down There.


There are some that think that SAMCRO MC is just a secondary tag for a former TV show. soa patch3In our case SAMCRO was created from that TV show, and formed into a REAL Motorcycle Club. Individual Charters gained their own name such as us in the Knytes-of-Dixie, yet are subsidiaries of SAMCRO MC. Not really a copy, but the original off TV version of what was depicted on that show. SAMCRO MC is REAL. With that said SAMCRO MC as reported is working to build a Harley/Gearheads Commune on the border of Idaho/Utah on old Highway 81 south of Malta Idaho. Also SAMCRO MC is rebuilding our biker/trucker/gearhead radio station in Evanston Wyoming, KSOA AM 1240. While silent right now, but be assured, SAMCRO is very active. Silent but deadly.


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hrj tail 111023893_423723747791645_9004779169991456181_n

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