Why is it that anymore all the Hotties are GAY?

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Afternoon DelyteWhy is it anymore that the really cool and hot babes are GAY? Now I’m not necessarily condemning the LGBTQ community, since the condemnation is on their heads, but I’m finding that if it’s a sweetheart, its usually not one that is looking for a male corpuscle. Example; there’s two hotties at the local A&W here, Makayla and another who is the asst.Manager. Yep queer as can be. Yet for the life of me can’t understand why? Since any guy that paired up with either of these honeys would be a blessing. Yet they are playing with the puddy of the other. Amazing. Now there’s also that sitch that goes that all too many white women, go after the Big Black guy, or the south of the border flavors. This makes no sense. In the wyld, A wolf won’t go after a poodle. Yes both are canines or at least the same species, yet they know not to mix breeds. Humans ought to observe that concept as well.

Paid on the shop today, yet seems again I’m flushing money down a pot hole. The only and I mean the ONLY reason I am, is because of the radio gear and furniture. As well as the fact I park the other trucks there. If it weren’t for that it’d be adios.

I am in full agreement with the bill that was signed into law in Oregon, this past week, putting a cap on rents and establishing some controls over run away property owners that increase rents just because they can, now its no they can’t. Makes one wonder why such things don’t happen in Idaho. Consider this; Utah has what is called a rental commission, that is part of the Consumer Protection Administration there. It’s a protection mechanism, to prevent greedy landlords from defrauding helpless people with over priced rentals. It also makes sure that what is claimed in a rental ad in a public publication is just what it is, not some place that is pictured purtty yet is not really what is. Why doesn’t Idaho have those protections? Simple; there’s a silent but powerful lobbying power that is exerted to politicians, and as such, no such sanctions. Now on my end, I mention this on two levels. One is the crook Cooks in Jerome Idaho, that gave me the boot just before Thanksgiving last November, plus charge me $100.00 a day, until I moved. Which prevented my ability to search for something that made sense and to where I didn’t have to rent two places. The second thing, the place I rented, should have been billed as a shop, not a apartment with attached shop. To answer the next question? Yes attorney’s will be brought in on both, along with the mess with CenturyLink. More L8R

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