No wonder our nation is messed up, just look at Facebook, as an example.

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If you follow the news and such of politics and our nation and wonder how we as a society got so dang stupid and fuggledup, look no further than Facebook. Just look at the groups, some of the pages, and if that don’t make your crotch itch, look at the suggested friends. Hey I’m hitched, I don’t need to visit with or make a friend of some tight butted hussy. Yet that’s what’s hurled at me in the people you might know pop up on Facebook. Of course there’s those groups. I’m always insulted when I see groups, all supposedly in support of the Confederacy, yet all too few really understand it, or have no idea of really the heritage, much less history, nor the future of the Confederacy. Oh you forgot that, huh? That the war and the fight did not stop at the Church, when Lee signed the treaty. The battles may have ended, but not the war. Of Course there’s the SOCV, that proclaims and urges me to be a member, yet if you call them or send em an email, not only do you get ignored, but there is no one at home, even though the light is on. With the Knytes, someone is ALWAYS home. I remember when the concept of a collaboration between the Knytes and came up in 2012. I was emailed back saying our methods were a bit too aggressive. Maybe being aggressive is what is needed, not being so passive. The saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease, furthering the Cause, sometimes requires some arm twisting. Not just kissing butt. The SOCV, would rather kiss butt, and brown nose. We are online, on the air, and in legislative areas, bringing awareness of our Cause of all of the liberties and honoring the heritage of the Confederacy. I’ll get into the titty gritty of that in another entry. Suffice to say, Facebook is drowning. It’s in the same place and sink hole that MySpace was just a few years ago now. It has began to smell really bad. While it would be wrong to say that the intelligence level of all on Facebook is less than par, but in reality, there’s a greater number on there that are not all too swooft. Now I read this last week, in enSoftronic that Facebook would begin charging something in the area of $30.00 a month for usage, kind of like Google, charges a modest amount for G-Suite. Either way these methods are not bad ideas, since it sifts the crap out of the good grain. But its not just Facebook or Social networking on the Interweb. Its in all mass media. Whether its Television, Newspapers, or prey tell radio. Radio has began to degrade. Except for our radio werx at HazzardAyre/HeavyRescue Radio, seems the LIVE on air real personality radio format has pretty much went AI, and even to the point just piecing together music, rather than putting a real human in the chair behind the mic. Even now some TV stations in China and Pacific Rim, are experimenting with AI in robotic news anchors. Rather than face the problems with human difficulties such as time off, illness, and so on, an AI robotic news anchor, just appears on the screen and delivers the news. Albeit without much personality. Heaven forbid our local station here(KMVT-11) would discover that, as most of the local anchors would be given the boot, including the aging Joe Martin, whose been there forever. Time he retired. Any mile we are in a crisis. But then as I have always said; aren’t you glad there is HazzardAyre?

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