Butt just what are you sniffing for?


I have often considered the behaviors of wyld critters and man. I have thought, what if we could sniff a human woman’s behind to see if she’s fertile. And yet after careful thought, I came to the conclusion, even if you did smell a woman’s hiney, just what would you smell for? What would the results be? Would it be the scent of iodine as in blood, would it be something else? Just what is the scent? Is there a smell to detect minstrel activity? If there is what would that smell be? Of course if you whiffed a lady’s hiney you’d smell poop a little, butt what else would you smell. This has the same direction as , the Google search I did the other evening. I simply searched for what color describes the word Stink? We or at least most of us know what stink is, butt is there a color to describe the word? Immediately some say the color of stink, is the color of dung, however that’s just not the right description. Since the brownish shade is also in methodology the color of women’s hosiery, as taupe, or skin tone. So that don’t work, yet, the color of stink, remains a mystery. Any body have an idea as to stink’s color.

As I close this afternoon, need to ask a question of the USA Cable TV network. So what the guy was a Wrestling star, give us something better than Miz and Mrs’s will ya? Damn TV is really going into the pits. That writers strike that happened in 2007 that gave us reality TV, is still lingering. Why write a TV show when you can run a show that writes itself?


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