Hey Watson, that gal on TV has no bumpers and all Confederates are stupid or Rednecks .

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Hey Watson that gal on TV has no breasts. I found myself thinking that way at Church last Sunday. In Sunday School, our teacher while having several siblings, had no breasts. Now not being a breast man more of the lower limb kind of admirer , still I saw several in our Ward that while great legs, had no jugs. Have you ever really looked at a woman’s breasts? Have you tried to examine the nipple to see the mini holes where milk comes out? I tried to see that once even with a mag glass, I still could not discern where those mini holes were at. Then I started thinking what about some of those stars on the Disney Channel. Some have substantial albeit still under construction , but still there. While others are so dang flat chested you wonder where are they? Of course there may be some of you thinking what a perv looking at young’ns of the Disney Channel, reason I have any interest there is once our station in Heyburn Idaho, now of the town of Hazzard(Strevelle) Idaho, that was becoming a one of Radio Disney Station. To keep in trend I needed to educate myself. Whether it’s a woman’s jugs or something on our radio stations, its my even as a young’n I was an investigative scientific person. Stick a knife in a light plug, I got zapped , unlike most kids, I took off the cover to see inside to understand what zapped me, I wanted to know. Whether it was a thing of pre-teen or of a mechanical nature I have always looked into what makes it work. Why does that do that. Instead of asking mom or Dad what makes the sky blue, I looked into it to learn the real answer. Which brings me to my second item of thought this evening.

It is a fact that not all of us Confederates are stupid doomkaufs sitting on a porch somewhere bare foot, sipping shine. Some of us are well educated and tops in our fields of vocation. Nor are we all rednecks. That term relates simply to a farmer. The term refers to the time frame when men used to walk behind a mule and a plow in the hot sun. Then of course a computer salesman turned comedian, decided to hit with such things as You Know you’re a Redneck If. I’m rather insulted by the term and the idea that anyone that aligns themselves with the Confederacy and southern heritage and works to win the war of the Cause, are un-intelligent back porch idiots. It’s time to re-initialize the Confederacy of not something of the past, but of today. That’s the mission of the Knytes and of course us in the WolfPack.

As I close, did you notice what happened this afternoon? If you have G-Suite the price went up a $1.00, to $6.00 a month. As well as your Google +(plus] is gone.

Why who knows.


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