Is Google loosing its Glue? Is Facebook fools? Is all the rest of those once upon a time tech startup’s loosing their heads? Must be. They can’t even verify a phone number. How hard can that be.


For about the last week, I’ve been getting texts from Google saying they are attempting to verify my phone number. Really Google, not like its not all over the gaul darn Interweb, Its no big secret, and its publicized all over local listings. Yet Good old Google and their minions can’t seem to figure it out. Google isn’t the only ones, both Hotmail, FakeBook and several others can’t seem to find me. Really? Did me changing phone numbers and cell carriers confuse these tech giants, or is it that these tech giants, can’t send out one of those little cars with the long tower on top that looks over places and visit people to verify this schitt? Or is it the fear of these tech giants, to send out those alien India people that they might not have they’re green cards and get busted? Artificial Intelligence still has a long way to go before its perfected. The ability to reason the ability to figure out that not everyone has a Smart(stupid)Phone. Some of cruise cell space with flip top phones. Not all phones have a cursor or mini mouse to pin point a hyper link. So what can you do>? Not much.

I’m going to get into this further in the afternoon tomorrow , but, have you ever been watching some sort of retro style TV, doesn’t matter the network, MEtv, RetroTV, BBC-America, any of em and saw some super fox that immediately rose you nether region to life, only to look up that super TV fox, and find, damn she got old and even worse, dang she got fugdugly. Years ago, there was a series called Family Affair, that had a dream honey whose name was Cissy. So I looked that up, kathy1Cissy then, Cissy nowGarver_13_1080h Of course there’s Dr. Beverly Crusher from STNG, Gates McFadden. In the day she was a dream even did a poster, 1.-The-Good-Old-Days-Of-Paper-Backgrouds Gates then>star-trek-tng-then-now-gates-mcfaddenand now. Kinda lost the attraction. Marky Post who first was seen on the Fall Guy, now plays the mother of a detective on Chicago PD, and even her has her looks fading. Hey they don’t look great forever. I will be doing a pictorial on this tomorrow afternoon.

Night Ya’ll

the grand pairayretig

Pappy Siguni tail

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