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Before I get into my rant topics here, need to lament the passing of the main character of our organizations name sake. Jan Vincent of AirWolf passed away overnight, due to causes of diabetes. We offer our condolences to his family. And our family of AirWolf.

Okay there is a fact that we haven’t gave the proper attention to the WolfPack here lately. Which is my fault, as I have had my mind grounded in beefing up Heavy Rescue Toewing. Which is the rejuve of Highway Hooker Toewing. However with that said, its our time and season.

The search for a Miss, AyreWolf for 2019/20 is on, in the images of the military style pinups and nose art corsaircute20girl20with20american20bomber20nose20arthoosierhotshot440

Aircraft20Nose20Art_21The winning candidate applicants will appear in all of our visual advertising.

AyreWolf FM has been off the air for a few months and most likely will not be back on the air and online, until mid July, when we rejuve that , it’ll be all new with better fidelity than what it was. We’re lining up a new studio, with more 1920’s big band type music to fit the time era.

Have you ever gotten a stiffy over some gal on some of these retro TV type shows. Seems as though there was a ton of them. I remember, my first crush on a gal was Cat Woman from Batman, speaking of Batman, there was Yavon Craig aka BatGirl. Of course there was Nurse GoodBody f97b27007bffc66fdd60f133a2fe2c15f75efd1427dcd697b4f2b357862dadb8 yet you look em up on line you find they are not as hot today and time wasn’t their friend. I looked up Cissy from Family Affair, kathy1 yet today her looks have faded , Garver_13_1080h of course being a Trekie Dr. Beverly Crusher aka looks much aged today star-trek-tng-then-now-gates-mcfadden which makes me love aircraft and trucks, since as old as they get they look even better slick 65Lexi2Big Johnmini wolf 1

Last this evening, when flying,and you partake of anything like Skoal Skoal Girland you take your fave soda, that the bottle you discharge your Skoal waste in has a different top and a different bottle that contains your fave soda in is WELL different. Drinking from the wrong bottle will mean a very puky flight.

Keep it wings level

L8R Aviators



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