But did you have to wake me up on a Saturday?

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So I’m really sawing lumber, in slumber dreaming of Jennifer Morrison(House TV Show) and I in a romantic twist, and here comes a knock on my door. At first I’m thinking , what? Did I miss the entire weekend? So attempt to rejuve the dream, I turn over for sleep. When the knock comes again, I holler out and say I’m sleeping. It was some woman. Well now I couldn’t go back to sleep, but the whomever thought it was great to wake me up for nothing then disappear , phooey. Probably one of these bums here trying to find cigarette money.

So got dressed and headed down to the local A&W. Seems they have made us in the WolfPack very welcomed. Whether its Makayla or Kaci , it doesn’t matter, the two make me feel like me spending money there to chow down, is worth my effort. Forget McDonalds, Artic Circle , or one of those big chain outfits. This A&W has become a hit with me, but then to; the one down in Woods Cross Utah at RB’s Truck Stop, is no slouch either. Now Zeb was barking on his written piece this morning about the cheerfulness and all of the greeters at both WalMart and some other store as opposed to Best Buy. Best Buy’s people are not to swooft. If you do get to a service desk employee, the college gal there has no idea as to how to solve your problem. Sales Help? I once had to draw a picture of what a patch cord was for them to be able to help me find one. Really this is what modern retailing has become? On Zeb and I, There’s only about 3 times he and I have crossed paths that we didn’t get along. The first was meeting for a brunch meeting at then JB’s, now Denny’s In Burley. The second at a Real Estate place, and the third was at a time I called into his show wanting to voice a comment on some war between the states thing he was doing once. Thing is I got about 3 minutes or less. I have learned since that it was both Jena and Zeb that powdered the behind of the buy out that the Knytes had going with Kim, on KBAR in 2012. No matter we moved on. Seems every time however that we do something Zeb has to do it too. Amazing ain’t it? I always have to chuckle, when I hear or read about something we were up to, even years ago. Example; 1972, my family had just moved here to the Tragic Valley of Idaho. My Dad suffered a stroke, Ambulance came, couldn’t do much except transport. We did the transport in the old Chrysler. It was then , I thought what would it be like if a junior Paramedics course in the Explorers (BSA) program. So met with the local fire chief at the time, he and many others thought I was nuts. Around here its not what, its who suggests anything. Not of the Royal families? Don’t expect to get any traction for your action. Now some 40 years, and I read that EMS out of Gooding is looking to upgrade to a full on Paramedic service. Really? It’s taken 40 some odd years? When we suggested it in 1972? As I said, my what a way to call the kettle black.

In short, the only time I want to be awakened on a Saturday before 3PM, is if its AirMed needs one of our Jolly Greens to go do a EVAC run, or its Charlie or somebody from A1 needing me to do a tow run. If you ain’t them, you best be Jennifer Morrison, in scrubs at my door wanting to do the wild thing.

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