Guess both Facebook and Google Search didn’t pay their power bills, or is it something else?

gazzette mainwolf of hazzard county journal

My it was a busy day just all over here in Idaho. 10 big rig flips, what with the high winds. So I come home, and after at least 5 refires got on line, only to find both Facebook and Google Search was down and not functioning like usual. The cause according to sources was a massive power outage. Must be the torrential winds and really inclimate weather in both Denver and Chicago today. Something that both NBC News, and our local Channel 7 failed to cover. No lets look at the Lori Laughlin scandal instead of looking at a condition or story that effects us all. While I think Facebook’s future is limited and will self collapse under its own weight. Still for both Google Search and Facebook to go foul at the same time for the same amount of time. Is very unusual and suspicious. For both Facebook and Google Search to go offline for this long, and the same time, tells me Facebook and Alphabet Companies are more in bed with each other in ways we will never suspect or imagine.

We are starting our talent search for the WolfPack as well as things Hazzard County early this year. Mostly because we want it to get done to incite some efforts of our fan base to once dig in their jeans for green to get our cash stash flowing again. Even once the gear is recovered and we are back on the air again, to regain those fans and regain the Trust of both fans, and supporters, is going to take time. So plan is flood social sites and TV with ads, as well as enthusiasts publications and programs. Maybe even do up a TV show ourselves and put it on MotorTrend TV. Plan on that is pitch the project to Jessie Combs,Jessi Combs (FILEminimizer) and do more of a show, showing that even bombshells can turn a wrench, weld and do up custom bikes and trucks. As well as toew. Could be cool show. Getting women on board as something other than eye candy, might increase ratings, and ratings means ad sales.

stinky foot So if your frustrated with Facebook and Google Search, it ain’t your account nor your computer. Its those two companies.

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