Did you see what RadioInk featured yesterday? Has RadioInk been taken over by Hispanics?

Did you see the feature lead article in RadioInk Yesterday? Something to do with some idiot barking about the President being unfair to Hispanics/Latinos and that Latino stations should spotlight this unfairness. Really, and this is what RadioInk is all about today. Seems as there’s a bunch of invites to go to Latino oriented Radio events from RadioInk. Does this mean that the publication has been taken over by some Latino regime? Asking broadcasters to defile public media and criticize our President? I thought the idea of the press was to be unbiased in its news coverage. Like Sgt. Friday used to say on Dragnet, “just the facts, just the facts.” When our industry starts kissing the butts of foreign powers or idealists, then we’ll be the ones savoring a Free Radio.


I saw too yesterday an article that was poorly written in TV Tech Magazine about TV’s Past, Might be TV’s Future. I say yup. Why, there is little if any creative types in Hollyweird. Nobody is willing or able to create anything new. There is a reluctance by financial institutions willing to fund unknown productions. That said as much as they try either TV or for that matter radio, there’s only one still creating none full computerized radio. With LIVE people on the boards 24/7/365. You Know who.

HazzardAyre Radio logo

In the morning, I’ll be following up on a report I did on African Americans, including the question, do they all need to wear Afro’s? To answer the question, no I do not have any kind of a racist cell in my body. The gal who appears in the H&R Block TV ads, I think is rather hot. Diana Ross was too, its when the race card comes out or for that matter the Hispanic card comes out, to further a political agenda, or to incite panic then that seperates, the African Americans, a the N’s. 

Catch ya’ll in the PM .

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