Dirty brains drains, hey partner she needs it more than you do.


sTINKY KinkyThe women in your life is as much a demon diva as they are the angelic person that you were snaked by. They all act so pure and proper yet get em behind the parlor door and they turn into vixens in denim. Oh they are as hungry for that physical attention just as much as if not more than you. However if its to prove out a point, they can go a year or more.

Okay then:

What is it about Afro’s? Seems as though that hair fashion especially on African-American’s is even more common. Even corn rows. It don’t matter, any more. TV, TV ad’s , music videos, doesn’t matter , they still have to have those Afro’s and Corn Rows. Guess it is better than seeing a blonde black chick. Of course that used to be the pop style, for Blondes especially white women that had the package for it, the style was what they called the Spiral Perm. Spiral curls are hot, made Kerri Russell curlyhairandkerirussell05look hot on Malibu Shores and Felicity. I have seen Red heads look good in a Spiral, e03c4186c2faf0921f39e65291dd114bf4d0c440 however I draw the line, when it comes to mixed races marrying other races. I’m not being racist, more of a cultural purist. In the Wyld, A wolf 2af31b11b7e829ef93de25374f1dde64 does not breed with a canine not of its kind. Be as bad as a coyote, humping a poodle. Both are canines, but they don’t mix the species. Same OUGHT to go for humanoids. Or Commander Data doing a refrigerator. Sure both are machines, but its not to be, to mix species. That’s why ad’s for a recent airing app for your Cell phone, that calculates the reproductive days, irks me. Here’s a white male about to do a Gigaboo woman. It just ain’t right. Of course there is the GAY thing, and I will not go into that much further but that goes way beyond just sexual preference, it means, that your telling Heavenly Father , that you think YOU know more than HE does. That is a tight rope I sure as heck don’t want to walk.

Last however , speaking of biblical things, when the Church, proclaimed the concept behind polygamy I think they might be onto something. Hitching up young girls is wrong, but having multiple wives (of age) might not be so wrong. If there was  ever a way to prevent straying away from home, Polygamy is a good deterrent. After all if you have variety at home, why go elsewhere? Not condoning the behavior, but could that be why Heavenly Father promoted harems and multi wives, even in Jesus’s day? Even as recently as Native American’s are concerned. The grand Chief of the tribe had many wives. In fact the number of feathers in his bonnet were the number of wives he held. The reason I say this, is a severe hunger. Been darn near 15 years since I dipped, and with geography between Pooh, and I , the need to plant seeds is getting serious. The other day I took matters in hand, and it felt like I went through a Rolodex, in my mind to find someone in my thoughts to keep me hot, in fact it two sessions, just to get Herman to spit up. Brothels have their place for curing the illness. Too bad one isn’t around here. Sure there are massage parlors all over the place, mostly Oriental massage parlors, just don’t know if the finish with a Happy ending. Got awakened by a complex fix it guy, at 11:00 hours. Doesn’t everybody know I’m a overnight person, I don’t do days , waking up before 13:00 hours is a good way to get shot, or at least your head handed to you. This old wolf needs my sleep. dc080da31e1bce26ea61965700ff3d4f--wolves-art-wolf-spirit speaking or should I say howling of such things, I’m taking my nap now. 323395

me wolf3IMG_0022

wolf tail

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