You never miss it, until it ain’t there. And to My friend Zeb, isn’t this what we have been howling about for 20 or so odd years?

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Finally got my laptop back from the techy and I sure missed the little feller. You just don’t realize how much you depend on the little things until you ain’t got one(ain’t got one? Mrs. Brailsford at Hazzard High would beat me silly if she read that, followed close by my Mom). Haven’t got one. Watch TV want to look something up, nope , no can do, no computer, see a hottie at the Mall? Want to get close enough for a sniff? Can’t find her on FB. So I suffered for two days, expecting cash for my stash from Metro. Oh it came, alright, $108.00 Heck it took em more money to send it via Fedex than it was worth. When I asked the lady at Metro how much was it was for , she said well north of $100.00 , not very far north. I was praying it’d be in the $1k arena not a mere $108.00 . But it was enough to pay for getting little chirpy here back so at least that works. Then had to face the manager at our local A&W, apparently being kind a d friendly with the lady employees was frowned on a bit. Two things enter in there, not mature enough I suppose for working at such a place, and the two, didn’t understand, DAMN IT I’M MARRIED!! Just like many on fb. Don’t they go look at the relationship status before saying yes to a friend invite? Nearly as bad as sending out a hunting dog on a coon hunt, and not looking in the tree first BEFORE shooting in the tree to see if there really is a Coon up there. Its nearly as bad as this place I reside, and with any help from my Bishop I wont have to for very long. Sure I wont have cable immediately but I’ll have peace. I swear the Old Towne Lodge here in Twin Falls in fact most of the places owned by the same peeps have residents that are either on probation, just got out of jail, or recovering substance abuse patients, Or they are all out mentally challenged. Most don’t have much more money than I do, but the thing is, even when you kick the door open for one of em, they don’t or wont go look or apply for a job . If the Medicaid expansion thing here in Idaho, passes law, there is a stipulation, that in 2 or less years you need to be working a job, or show your really looking for work. No worky, no Medicaid.

So I read this thing from my good friend Zeb, on his blog, that was saying now the libs are going to outlaw prayer, and saying the pledge from our schools. That if you do say it you’re a bigot or something worse. Isn’t this what we as modern day Confederates have been howling about for 20 plus years. When they started destroying our Confederate monuments, our flag, our southern heritage, that it wouldn’t be too long before those libs would start destroying even the monuments and heritage of the blooming Yankees. The prediction is coming through. And very much becoming true. Just give me a good house, a horse and viddles out down near Strevelle Idaho somewhere and I’ll be happy.

Lady Hazzard County project and our soon to return radio network, in my next entry.

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