It might not be biblical, but it IS what Heavenly Father meant. Remember too; Be careful of who you trust, Satan was a once an angel too.

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I remember just a few years ago now, as I was loading up my stuff to relocate back here to the Tragic Valley of Idaho, My Bishop there said to me he felt I was making a big mistake. He was dead on. Since Vern and I unloaded things in Wendell until now, life here in western Idaho, has been a living hell. Full of untruths, liars, con artists the list goes on. If the next question is why didn’t I just move back to Wyoming when I got the boot in Jerome? The answer is simple, deep wet snow, too much to move, too little time, so I had to scramble, or keep paying $100.00 a day past the time of eviction. I have never ever been evicted before. So I begged my current Bishop, to help pay to bail out the radio gear and all, when he said no, I was very mad. Now while I never have found it in scripture, the saying of give a Man a fish he’ll eat for a day. Teach him to fish he’ll eat a lifetime. Even Ezra, taught this in The Book of Mormon. Now I can remember not too long ago, I read in a paper from Church conference about how one of the Presidents of the Church, said something to the effect, its one thing to feed or house a Church family, but its much better to help him buy a plow, so he can till his own soil, plant his own seed and feed his family from the sweat of his brow. Which is what I was trying to do with my current Bishop. Get him to bail out my radio gear and belongings so that I could make my own money to feed myself and my sweetheart PoohBear. Look I did not move over here to western Idaho to restart a towing service or even reopen Hazzard County Choppers. It was based on two reasons or platforms. Help two of our MC’s members as one had just died and the other had 3 coronaries in a row, on the same day. The other reason, was to reignite our flagship radio station KTOW. Towing services are numerous around here. In Evanston, as well as most of Uinta County there are 4. Out of that 4, I get the majority of the tow calls, a ration of for every one call I get(not A1, but me) here, I will get tow calls of near 8. 4 months of winter, severe cold, deep snow, I made good money. As long as it was winter. Plus I got plenty of motorists assist calls during peak holiday times, I got calls from every darn motor club, and road service company from AAA to Allstate, To GEICO. We were even getting close to going full throttle on the radio station there, we still hold the license to AM 1240. $12,000.00 a day, a full luxury apartment that overlooked mountains and a meadow, where I could see white tailed deer as well as elk. Clean air, and quiet. A cable/internet company that I could work with that kept me on the air. But PoohBear got a bur under her britches, there. So to keep peace I moved here. Here’s another scenario. Of every place I called here in Tweaker Flatts, that said no. I made maybe 2 over there and had a place booked and sealed. Nope I wasn’t born in Wyoming , I was born and raised sort of here. Although I pleaded with Mom and Dad back in 1971 not to move back here after their retirement from the military. Shoot I was happy in Utah. Where if we would have stayed there, I’d have been married in the Temple there near Layton, to Peggy, been working at one of the major radio or TV stations, and would have a stable homelife. Nope we moved here. I have tried everything blooming thing I know of to make it work here numerous times. But even though on the surface, it looks prosperous here in Tweaker Flatts, and surrounding area, its far from it. As long as you plant taters, or have a company to help the people who plant taters here you’ll do good, but don’t look to doing anything on the platform of tech, or media. Just wont work. To compare too. I can remember when I was sweating over about the same issue in Evanston. I went to Mark, my Bishop there and still in my thoughts a dear friend, to get our Ward there to pony up to bail out the radio gear. Not only did he help with the money, he got a older guy from the High Priests, to drive all the way to Woods Cross Utah, to load and haul it all up to Wyoming. Yet I can’t get my Bishop here in the 14th Ward of the Twin Falls Stake of Idaho, to help with the remaining $2500.00 so I can once again be productive. Boggles the mind.

So I’m looking back at Wyoming, pay off this debt, and at a later date come fetch my gear. As I close and I’ll say it again. Be careful who you Trust and depend on, remember, Satan, was a Angel of God once too.



Pappy Sig

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