What the DC occupiers and office renters there need, is more Wolves, and not so many Sheep. Also want to get my attention on FB ladies? These are a must.

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So was taking an eye ball on FB a few ago, and saw a photo on Beth-Ann’s newsfeed, that had a pic of wolves dancing around a fountain. Here’s my take, and this comes from one of the finest Church Presidents since David O, was in the big chair. The events leading up to it, is not important right now, but President Hinckley said that I was the Wolf in amongst the sheep. And that being such was a good thing, since it kept the membership(sheep) stirred up and not becoming too complacent. In DC, the only Wolf back there is President Trump himself, the rest are a bunch of sheep, including several of our politicians from Idaho. One jumps , no matter party, they all jump. There is no loyalty to their elected party, nor you their constituents. All they care about is padding their wallets, occupying an office, flirting with an office intern, many of which are fugdugly, Monica Lewinski was so tubby and smugly I wondered why old Slick Willie messed with her in the first place. If your going to snag some office candy , at least snag one that looks good. Okay then, there is no cohesion in DC any more, there is no independence, except for just the lone headed President himself. The rest of em are a bunch of stoolies. The 20/20 elections are on the way next year. With the ton and a half of Democrats running, this next election is ripe for the picking, for us Confederates. Why not put up a candidate representing the Confederate constituents ? Lets proudly raise the stars and bars the cross of St. Andrew and get our cause in front of all voters. Not just the so called Rednecks. That are far from being that in the first place. csaflagFace it Abe Lincoln was a liar, the nation has been sold a bill of goods since the treaty was signed between Lee and Grant. Our children have been taught falsehoods. The Liberals tell you , that you can’t paddle a kid for misbehaving. I’m not into beating a young-ling to near death, but a good swat on the butt, a bar of soap in the mouth for swearing, doing chores to help around the house to better the household, rather than expecting money for it. If these things were put into practice, there would not be the mass shootings and all in our schools. Things that CNP people believe in. Talking in class or wandering around in their thoughts at school, was rapidly solved with that ruler or yardstick across the desk, or thump on the head. Then you read about teens and such being coerced into doing the naughty with a teacher. This is bad? My Dad just felt that it was normal sowing oats, and I just might learn something. And what kid hasn’t ever had a dream or crush on a lady teacher? Maybe if the teachers taught life lessons at school, they might know something of how to treat a lady in life, or at least learn something they are not being taught at home. After all these city kids have not all been raised on the farm. Which if Teens and such were made to do farm work, like moving sprinkler pipe, or pitch hay, first they’d be tired, second they’d loose all the extra weight, and mostly we would not have to attract south of the border migrant farm workers. No they sit at home or such, on their electronic devices which is not healthy.

Okay then talking about lady teachers. That may be although the Jury is still out on the cause, but if you’re a lady, even remotely thinking of getting close to this wolf whether for work or play These are required>89e8b8fd45ed0f1c3b00bb8e7834ea48No nylons, ugly feet, fat beefy toes? Don’t bother me as I don’t have time.

Nor interest.

Until this afternoon.

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