How to cure epidemic Diaper Rash in America? Also, don’t be nice to anyone especially women, as it’ll come back to byte your butt.

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pillow talk phootenotesSo after I got done wrangling the shop deal, my the people who own that are going to get a helluva wake up call, I finally went to sleep. And I slept, then slept some more, I was really pooped. Saw my microwave clock that said 21:30 hours, thought two more hours then get up and go fetch some groceries. Except, at midnight or any time after until 08:00 hours there is NO PLACE in TWIN FALLS IDAHO to go buy food, much less a gallon of milk on a EBT card. No Maverick stores open, guess they decided they’d loose a few dollars of being closed than bigger dollars from shrinkage(shop-lifters) same goes for all the Walmarts here. And with Walmart, getting rid of their physically and mentally challenged greeters, guess what? No body to chase down shop-lifters. So might as well stay closed. Of course then got a soda from the vending machine here, took my meds, tried to find something to watch on TV, even with 500 cable channels of which we only get 50 of here at the Towne Lodge, nothing to watch. So looked over my FB newsfeed, some kid, (has to be a kid) asked what he was looking at; I smell 2on there? My do you need to have your hand held fixing trucks? Duh? Of course the epidemic rise in mental diaper rash in America is getting worse. You nearly have to hold the hands and lead these people to show them how to do anything. There is no longer any deductive logic or theory in our youth, which 80% of FB is; they just can’t figure anything else or anything out on their own. No wonder LinkedIn wants me to do mentorship, somebody has to, as KSL once said in a PSA, If I don’t do it, who will? Of course the women of our nation is super paranoid. It’s no wonder, what with TV shows like Law & Order SVU, and others. Trust me things are not that bad and anyone who says that a employee of a company or eat-em-up stop, is doing a fine job, ain’t out to ravish them with carnal desires. Especially when you explain that YOUR MARRIED. Didn’t they get that the first time? Just like the women on FB, they pitch a great gig, but seldom go read relationship status. I’m very much in Love with my PoohBear, and nobody or much of anything is going to part me from her. I had this same thing happen in Evanston once at a wireless cable internet company there. I complimented the gal at the counter for being intelligent and at least knowledgeable of what the company offered. Right away I had hate emails that accused me of improper behavior. Really? Then last week I was addressed by the manager, of the local A&W here, that myself and the MC has been patronizing. Apparently flirting and complimenting these people is bad conduct. For Heaven’s sake, grow the hell up. When I was pumping diesel at the RoadRunner in Bliss years ago, if a trucker told me I was doing a great job, I took it for face value and thanked him, I didn’t go in and tell my manager that some freight hauler was complimenting me and that I felt threatened. Several things beyond that. One I wont do again, is recruit visual(model) Talent on or from FB, anymore. You spend tons of money, but get nothing. Leave that to talent agencies, of which ours is Talent Management Group. I wont go anywhere else. Two; Make damn sure that every split tail, on FB knows your married. Don’t depend on any of the seatcovers to go look at relationship status. Next same goes for recruiting women for driver jobs at a towing service. Of my many years, I only know of about 4 that have measured up to the task, with any idea of what the gig is about. They just don’t fit in there. This BS of women being gave equal pay for equal work, and so on is poppycock. Few women really will go out and do the dirty work required. The bottom line is that our nation is under an epidemic case of adult diaper rash. Our nation needs to grow up, it needs some baby lotion put on its collective butts, or we are going to be in real trouble after Trump leaves office.

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