More than one way to root out a battle.

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hrj hedder 3So got to gandering at my F page, and discovered that the lady who occupies my old homestead near Hazzard is having a sight problem with the house. So I threw out the concept, that A; if I was there living in the place the house would not move, that in truth Mom and Dad’s spirits do move around the house and so I said, guess what? Why don’t we get together and settle the homestead together for once and for all. Don’t know if that’s going to happen, but the offer is out there.

Saturday morning , I woke up thinking about getting together and go ridding. Yet for the life of me, outside of Keith , Rick,Bro,Ron,Karl,Alfred all I knew aren’t there. Then I got to thinking of John Lowe, California Colt, Jeep, Rusty, and others and I thought, why not do a big heap of a thing of a Knytes Reunion? Bring back together all the regional and local members of the I-80 Club, The U.S.-30 Club, the JR-14 Club, and of the course the TTA , aka Iron Knytes into one place. Say where we had the gig in 75. Basically CB’s, Broads, Booze, Boobs, rigs and rods. Wet Wrangler Jeans contest, A tiny toe contest, plus beauty shows for trucks, bikes, muscle rods the entire gambit of what we drove. Plus it might be a project to wake up some other old memories and spirits. Vanessa told me the other day when we was a visiting, that it’s not completely that the can’t or don’t remember our club, it is that a lot of them especially the women(and a few Husbands) don’t want to remember. The few that do, are too involved with a sig SO, in their lives that get burly if they are taken down that road. So,

I have to go flush out at least one maybe two willing,able, feminitile, do a few TV ads, get it in the trades, and start stoking a fire. Fall 20/20 Filer Fair Grounds ToewJamb/Hazzard Nationals.

toew jamb ad

my sig[2]_thumbsamcro sig

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