Baby poop smells worse than dog schitt.

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So we had dinner. Paul’s corn dogs were not cutting it, so Ginger says let’s do Bar-B-Que. So off to WallyWorld we went. After meandering through the store had the grub. Ate very well, in amongst at least calls from PoohBear, Ginger had some things to take care of, so I did the baby sitting thing. Really now, I know we have the dog and of course Sunny, however while few things, smell worse than poopoo no nasty Cacka, Baby puke is even worse. Even with a towel over your shoulder. So now have a shirt to launder. Talked to some groovy dudes from a renta-cop outfit, so we have that taken care of for the Jamboree. PoohBear is none too happy about all this, and she feels set aside here, but she said she didn’t want much to do with it, so need people to help. With several near single new mothers needing a cash influx, I thought put em to work. This Jamboree is going to be 20 times bigger than what we did in 1975 at the Fairgrounds here. Understand then, it was long before there was a Dukes-of-Hazzard, More like the tail end of HeeHaw. But this reunion is deeper than just a southern fried gearhead jamboree. 3 years ago, I got to thinking what would it be like to get everyone together for one hellashush bash, right where we started. Back then Ron was alive, Ricky was alive, Karl and Alfred was here, what would it be to have all 300,000 members of the Knytes get together and swing one big brotherhood get together. Show off rides, get drunk, eat like there was no end. And as well, PoohBear and I get married there. So PoohBear got to fussing, and my transportation ability was limited. Then there was the deaths of both Ron Tony, and Ricky. Plus me going in the hospital. I thought I’d hate to exit the current life of mine without having my brothers and I together in one place. Plus get married to PoohBear. Then there was last weekend when my Kidney’s decided to become infected. Fortunately I’m okay after a full flush out, but as I lied there on that gurney I thought, since I am here for at least another year or so, I thought schitte instead of leaving with nothing done and both club and my sacrifices, pain, and near death experiences, I thought lets do this. So I called JT. He said go for it. So that’s what is going on here. It’s not for me to have a one last fling with strange women, it’s not for me showing one last time that I and the Knytes are superior(which-we-are) But the love of brotherhood that the Knytes/WolfPack have for each other, through all kinds of battles, deserves one last big bang thing, before there isn’t any one of us left to enjoy or appreciate it.

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