FakeBook the land of skanks, frauds, and even worse.

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Some people live for what is on Facebook, some people get off it as there is way too much drama. Yet it is THEE choice of mass market social interweb activity. As for me any more I can take it or forget it. When I stumbled upon, FakeBook 10 0r better years ago, it tweren’t a bad site. However it has become to the point that there is more fake, phony, fraud, lying , cheating, crap on there that I really don’t have much affection, or use for FakeBook. Quite frankly if it were not for PoohBear, Rick, and a few others, I’d cancel out of FakeBook all together. Of course there’s making friends. Really now. How do you know that , the sweet darling that is giving you warm feelings on FakeBook, isn’t an undercover fuzz defective in NYC somewhere or even close , teasing you into a jail cell? How do you know the guy giving you the sweet eye, ain’t some cartel druggie, seducing you into a place where your about to be seeing Grace, long before you had in mind? Of course there’s you and your money. I don’t care if it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or any of em, few of anyone tells the transparent truth to where you would open your wallet very wide. I remember a few months ago, I signed up with this outfit called Might-Works. It was supposed to be a great alternative to Facebook for business’s. Guess what, they were announcing their existence on: yep Facebook. So why would you sign up with an outfit, that needs Facebook to get YOU to sign up with them? Granted we post on Fakebook, but our money comes from our own site, our own TV network and our own Radio network. Not all together FakeBook. Where does my money for towing come from? Yelp, and Google-My Business. I have yet to get a paying tow from Fakebook. Guess what? I pay Google $5.00 a month, and Yelp about the same. I get more, pay less, that’s how you build a business. Not by paying Fakebook big money for no to very small results. The problem with all these sites is they are clustered as clusterfucks in the greater San Francisco bay area. Most have no idea where Idaho, Wyoming is much less obscure address’s. Google’s only saving grace is that Google has a eye in the sky. But even that can be wrong. What Fakebook needs is a few people in Electric Toyota’s driving around finding those obscure address’s.

Okay finally, next week NAB starts in Lost Wages Nevada. I had every intention, to be going but the few snubs of PoohBear in September and June. Plus the relocation stuff, No can do this year. Now here’s my thing on that. Yes PoohBear has caused a lotta grief. there is no mistaking of that, but I still deep down love that little woman. No she would not win any superficial, beauty contest, but she wins in my heart every day. Yes she has been sheltered and all most if not all her life. Up until mid 1984 so was I, but through the brotherhood of the Club, not the Church but the Knytes, I have waded through one helluva raging river. I am Archie Bunker, and PoohBear is my Edith. And I love her and will stay with her until they plant me.

It’s now 04:28 hours, only got one toew, as such I’m headed to bed.

Night Ya’ll

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