It’s not all of Idaho, just the immediate Twin Falls area, its too expensive to live here. And: Sorry , I’m not no sheep, I’m proudly a Wolf.


DIXIE CHRONICALSHere tizz Liz, Sunday, prepping to venture off to church. I did a lot of praying, pondering, and while by mid Summer I’ll no doubt be back in Evanston, still after I went over to Burley twice now , sniffing around to see what might be had for a domicile, I got in the Evergreen over there, plus found a shop. As well as office space a plenty, so that’s where I’m heading to reside, until I get everything finished so I can move back into western Wyoming. Not figuring on a ticker tape parade er nothing, but I succeeded there pretty well. The gig with A1, of which I’m thankful to Charlie and all, is I bust my butt, but only get $20.00 for every $100.00 tow. Sorry I can’t do that. If I’m going to kill myself going towing, I want a helluva lot more green in my jeans to do it.

So let’s look at this thing. May 2017 after a heavy duty tiff with PoohBear, over nothing and with one of my cash stash supply veins being cut off, meant no shop. So did some sniffing and after wrangling some found the shack in Wendell Idaho. It’s been said, that for every road that leads away from home there are two that lead back. Problem is the road home, had pot holes a plenty. Looking at it, PoohBear caused a heap of a fuss when she tangled online, but its not ALL her fault. There were many promises made by others which were only I bust my butt, they get the rewards. There was one, that for the first time in my life, romanced my feet. Which gave me the idea that she was interested in this old high octane canine. With PoohBear fussing I thought, lets see what falls out of this fruit tree. Came April 2018, This young lady said she was going to Etown. Groovy. I can go fetch LexiBelle. Except the gal decided to not go at the last minute. After which LexiBelle was violated and just plain assaulted. But by then CenturyLink had pulled its head out of its ass, and the best site engineers I have ever seen, got al running so there I was and HazzardAyre, was on the air. With that I needed people at the studio to put the shoulder to the wheel. Outside of two , Angel being one. Thought we had the ball in play. Nope , I felt funny having a gal coming in where I lived, to work was a bit strange so went searching, found a spot that while it, itself was grand the people who owned it was a right down carpetbagger. So mid November 2018, I was give the boot, and had to find a place here in Twin. Now I had all but figured on going back to ETown, except the winter weather pretty much sacked that. So I came here to Twin Falls. The list and story goes a long way, but after the last two and half years, I have came to the conclusion, that Twin Falls is just too expensive for this old Wolf to hunt in.

Easter is about here. I caught some scripture verses on the subject, and it always says, Sheep gone astray. Damn it, I ain’t no sheep. Even one of the Presidents of the church said so, back in the late 90’s. He said I was the Wolf in amongst the sheep. And that is so true. I am and for always be, anti-establishment, Fight the System, rebel. I never will be assimilated.

See ya’ll after Church.

Pappy Sig

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