Bad Sugar days and patiently dealing with sub warp civilizations

ktow journal

For those not effected by this illness you have no idea. For us with type 2 diabetes its really a thing of not being able to see long range, walk for very long, needing constant water and of being in constant thirst. When one gets stressed with this chronic malady, it offsets everything else, so you end up with a bad sugar day. So I take a day out of the zoo, and do mundane tasks. Add to that, having to be in the hospital, getting the equivalant of dyalasis where, old blood gets pumped out, new blood gets pumped in, and you get a cookie and a medium bottle of orange juice. Although here at St. Lukes, I have to PA’s that fetches me anything I desire food wize including Hagen Daaz Ice Cream.

Which brings me to the second part here. I am one not willing to give up easily. Yet I had to take a hard look at myself and my life over the last few days. What I came up with was simple, what if I can never fly again? What if I can’t go trailer trucking again, and what if I can’t be going toewing full time again? Then what can I do? I’m not one to be sitting around getting fatter and saying why me? I say, sometimes one needs to change course a bit. Which means giving myself 80% to our radio station network, and a little more to our TV production subsidiary. Split duties to toewing part time and the Knytes the rest of it. What all too many fail to understand, in late June mid July of 2019 at the Toew Jamb toew jamb ad I will take for my Mate, my PoohBear. Which will require longer hours on a limited solar day, to maintain. Which is why such people as our Angel, and a few others as we are able to recruit them, to employ to assist in our reconstruction. I have had a good 4 months of leave of duty, I have went through both hell and peace sometimes at the same time. It’s time to get back to work. I need to get LexiBelle back here to Idaho, as well as reassembling the radio werx. As well as reassembling my life. I’m no longer going to be sitting in the back seat, Its time to take the steering wheel. 

 Even though we are residing in a infantile technology world, fact is anything in the realm of Artificial or advanced intelligence is just that way beyond the simplistic minds of this third rock from a Solar star. Enabling engineers to design AI into a more diplomatic caring ability might help. Everything is not just trapped in a series of 1’s and 0’s . There needs to be an interjection of medium emotion and such. We as a society are not yet ready for all of this, we remain a pre warp speed society, and before we allow machines to govern everything we do, we need , drastically need computer skills, and tech skills to be included in our schools.

Ice cream time.


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