It was between Laugh In and HeeHaw, and started by Imus, not Stern.


Hey it’s the 3rd, of April. Last day of residency in Twin Falls, start of sleeping elsewhere. Got my nose in the shop last night. Haven’t been able to get the little truck running yet. It has to be one of the 5. Engine has been sitting too long, Two bad battery(don’t buy Interstate Batteries , they don’t last) bad alternator, bad wires. So starting with an idea, put toggle switch and wires on truck to starter. Flip switch, if it starts then I know its that as well as a bad neutral safety switch. I’ll figure it out. Two months of this, then my butt is headed south-east to ETown. Now PoohBear has been fretting a bunch, over me doing the talent search hunt for our ads to get more of you to tune into the radio network online in a few months. That’s all it is, is a talent search. I have no intention of shacking up with anyone female other than my little PoohBear. See I love my Poohbear. She’s been a pain in my ass for sure, but she’s also been my greatest supporter. She’s not just my lover and mate she is my best earthly friend. So I would never cheat nor abandon her. With that said, long before there was a PoohBear, and even long before Cable TV, there were two popular TV shows which we as a production company are attempting to refire. The idea is: Take the best of both of those and make one helluva TV show. On the subject of bush and tush on the radio in the studio. I remember back slightly before I got together with Stern. Stern’s rival Don Imus, used to have some pretty little liar cheerleaders in the back ground when he did his show as well as the video TV version. So I had this idea, lets find and recruit the hottest , silkiest legged , babes , and put em on the air as background. Then I saw what Stern did with Robin Quivers, and I thought combine those together and since the stations call letters pronounced was like that of the word toe, focus the background shots on the toes. Of course to keep it all sanitary , make sure they wore hosiery of some style. It was not then, nor is it today a path to do the find em and feel em up, get em in the sack concept. Its more like find em, train em, and put em on the ayre. Been struggling with internal stomach nausea for 3 days. I can nearly trace it to where I’ve been eating lately. Just like the last time I went through this, it was from consuming grilled cheese sandwiches. This time, its been from a cup of oatmeal. To be fair I wanted to test the idea, so Monday since the Depot Grill was closed, I went over to Denny’s here. Ordered nearly the same thing, and I was okay. Ordered my cup of oatmeal, brown sugar milk and raisins. Guess what? Puke city. Question is, is it the way or the who here lately at the Depot Grill of Twin Falls cooking there that they can’t make a good meal that doesn’t choke and make me puke? It’s getting to the point, that I’m doing more cooking at home, at least I know what I’m eating.

We have our employment listing out on I had to go in and edit, and make it perfectly clear we are only casting for women at this time. NO GUY’S . The reason? Simple, the radio gig is 60% owned by the Knytes a 1% fully Outlaw motorcycle club. Of which 80% are guys. None of us want a foreign guy in the club, nor inside one of our enterprises. As far as the women, they best look hot or no interview.

As soon as it quits raining, I’m going back to sleep.

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