Damn this has been a long road, and to say to ST. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls Idaho , is an example of watching monkey’s screwing a football?

HRJ MAIN1hey its friday nyte

Knytes ChroniclesKnyte Journal

Damn this has been a long road and a bumpy flyte. If I had known two and a half years ago that crap would hit the tundra like it has, I’d never lifted off or out of Etown Wyoming. Not that that Etown Wyoming is a great nugget of jewelry but it sure shines bright in comparison to western Idaho. Example ; Etown Wyoming’s health care is eons beyond Western Idaho. Not that its any better equipped, but; it is better maintained. And managed. You can have state of the art facilities but if you don’t have people there that knows how to deploy that equipment with a caring and diplomatic attitude then you might as well revert to roots and herbs for medicine. Example, you go into a medical facility, like St. Luke’s of Twin Falls Idaho. Your insides are at a level that your insides want to flat leave the body, and your masking that with something , albeit crude locker room style , but humor. If the same young filly’s would have been at a bar where there was a comedy night they’d have been laughing. Thing is here they pretended to be offended. Ah, if you can’t run with the older dogs, stay at home on the porch. Now two, if the little prick who got a bit of a power trip going, had just said that the gals didn’t appreciate it , then fine okay. Even though I’m in pain, my stomach feels like I’m on a sea floating carrier and trying not to hurl, so I’m trying to make humor, yet he comes in with a chip on his shoulder. The buttwipe is damn lucky that there wasn’t another Knyte or WolfPack there, or I am here to guarantee he would not have left that hospital the same way he walked in. This not all of it and I’ll go into more of it in the afternoon Saturday. But damn from start to finish, I have never seen such and example of a bunch of Monkeys screwing a football in my life. Administration to nurses, to the real attending physician, has no clue as to what is going on , and reflecting on the several Law suits, based on sheer stupid, says to me, thank goodness I’m out of the reach of St. Lukes. Thing is; St. Lukes is just a mirror of the town trying to be big city, in that the severe drug abuse , simply stated, if brains were leather, most of Twin Falls couldn’t saddle a fly.  As it is: Thank God and my Saturn, I’m gone.

Oh and the cause of this last adventure in medical research? Eating Oatmeal at the Depot Grill. My advise? Don’t eat there.

Pappy Sig

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