Every day I get the feeling or feelings that today Really could be the end.

HRJ-MAIN1.jpgpAppys corner

It’s Sunday, caught most o Church conference, Its not surprising in the concept that the Church is finally giving its approval and intent that it’ll build a Temple near Tooele, Utah. Its that I first suggested that in 1998.

Yes I have the flu. Not from the fridged cold, both inside and outside, weather wise. Its because; I caught the flue from the nurses that sort of cared for me at St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls. Did not only degrade my honor more than usual during my stay there, for a simple procedure. The fact that went really quick and and painless. It was the going through my stuff in my room while I was in my dream uphoria during surgery, which made me so mad that I left againgst medical advice. Under normal conditions  would have passed on this bit of procedure, it was that I left without any knowledge of what the results of my tests, no meds, and as usual here not solid anchor Doctor.  So thank God, I had a bit of what I had before I finally went to the hospital. I might have even left that as SOP, but St. Luke’s no matter what name they put on the facility , it’s still Magic Valley Memorial, and just about as idiotic. The last is the same thing as the future. But; St. Lukes’s is the only Level 1 Trauma facility for 300 miles in any direction. I can say that if St. Als’s were to open a facility in the area and give the dominant hospital competition, bet your next tank of diesel , that St. Luke’s would do a better job. 

Competition is not bad, sure it may make you a bit more aware of situations, but it makes everyone else less complacent. 

As it is and as I approach the 60 yard stick of life, the ability for me to climb out of my bed, no matter the bed that I’m in, I have to steady my body on the night table. Strongly aim my attention of placing my efforts on my legs, and climb out of bed to just do mundane tasks as pee-ing, or consuming milk, to ease my empty body.  The same thing going into reverse, as I retire every night. Clothes off, can’t sleep in the magic underwear. Night table, and ease into bed, wondering is today the best that I could have done, and is this day the day, that my friend the Reaper comes and I take his hand and leave this life? 


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