If your sick just stay home, don’t work in the healthcare or food service business.

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If your sick, just stay home, don’t work at jobs in the healthcare or food service business as the rest of us will no doubt get sick too. Example; Found that the core of why I caught the flu here over the last few days was directly caused by people , including nurses, both male and female who had the running nose sniffles and through blood taking even with the latex gloves were wiping their noses and mouths with their hands. Likewise the cooks and servers(who should wear latex gloves while on the floor) were wiping their grungy hands and that was going to the food then to me.

Of course there is a good side from last week to this week, I found a place for me to reside for quite a long time. Its called the Evergreen, and for once its clean. The bedding had just been washed and sanitized  and the managers are great. I only found three things that need attention, the bathtub/shower faucet and such needs repair as you can only turn it on full hot, or if you turn it half way the shower spout flows. Kinda of a bummer if your just wanting to take a bath. The drain on the bathtub floor does not stop up anything, and the bathroom window needs replaced. The only other thing, there was no stopper on the bathroom sink. But a stopper from Walmart can cure that problem, but over all, I have a place that’s quiet at night, and nice enough to invite company over to visit. Unlike the Old Towne Lodge in Twin Falls, where you have to hear banging of doors from ex wives, ex- hubbies most from child visitation problems, and thousands of gallons of brewski. Which leads me to this, there is a big day, for me here Monday morning. Mostly from unleashing the Attorneys from suits that I’m filing from the crooked Cooks, of Cook Realty, of Jerome Idaho for at the minimum of none disclosure as well as fraud. To St.Luke’s Hospital for malpractice .  Bottom line some folks are going to pay for what happened to me. There. Bottom line I can’t afford to live in Twin Falls Idaho, and its not just about money.

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