There is a media and news media gap in Idaho, the focus’s are very limited. That’s why there is HazzardAyre.

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To the west we have Boise, colorful, and industrious , to the East is Pocatello and northeast its Idaho Falls. Then we have Twin Falls . Between these metro areas are mini communities. Burley, Jerome, Wendell and so on, but whether its bad weather, news or something folks need to know, don’t expect any station in Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello or Twin Falls to cover it. They flat don’t care. Oh they say they do, In fact the intro promos of their newscasts all say they do, but in reality they don’t. Even the local news rag the Times News don’t rock em out of their cubicles unless its something very serious. Local radio stations except two, don’t care in fact outside of KTOW FM from Buhl or KDXD out of the Burley area of Idaho don’t do a live 5 let alone a hour radio newscast. This is why back in 2010 reluctantly I and the Knytes said since no one else is gunna do it we might as well. So KDXD, signed on the air with our center show HazzardAyre Radio, followed by Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio, and of course AyreWolf FM. When KTOW refired in 2013 after regaining our FCC license we recreated Highway Hooker Radio. In all of it the center was and is today’s Confederacy. Not what happened in 1863, but what’s happening now in 2019. This nation really needs the wisdom of Uncle Jessie, and the stability, of Hazzard County. With that said, TV coverage of anything is near none existent, especially here in Burley. A year or so ago now a major fire took out a full block of a building down here on Overland. The one TV station that covered it was some young gal getting her feet wet in TV and even at that botched the story so bad it motivated our High Council to say, time to circle our wagons, put our shoulders to the wheel and get a local TV station on the air and online for the residents of Mini Cassia. From Strevelle to Murtaugh, from Minidoka to Oakley it’ll be TV done Hazzard style. If you go online and go to you’ll find job postings there from us. We are gathering the forces within us and slightly outside of us, to build a real broadcast company right here in the Mini Cassia area of Idaho.

Examining the state of the Clubs and all in the AM.

Question is why is it all; other media outlets in this area so arrogant and ignorant?

Now then and I’m not crying in my beer here. Thing is I hit the grand mile marker of life 60. Since I met PoohBear, I haven’t dipped my pen in any ink, or got close enough to smell the stink of a woman. Now there’s a few of my fellow Knytes and others that need favors from me, like that of a way to get around, Nearly give another car away. No problem, but when was the last time that any them, have said, “Hey Pappy, I don’t have any money, but I know this gal down the road apiece, that ain’t bad on the eyes that’d be into a one nights sleepover or at least a scratch and sniff” Yep none of them. Do ya’ll realize that its been since 2005 with Nanette in Ogden, that I got tight, and enjoyed a night? That’s a long haul. Could it hurt any of em, from the model talent we interviewed a year ago or so, to say , ah what the heck? Even some of these gals that FB says would be good for me to know, u knowto drive over here to Burley and say howdy honey wanna dance? I’d take a drive down to Wells’ Nevada to Miss Donna’s but I’m so pinched money wise that about the only things I could buy is the fuel to get there and back, as well as maybe one of those $8.00 beers. All through Church Conference I heard home Church, I heard talks on Do unto others as you would have them do for you. I’ve been giving for so long, just like my dear friend in Wyoming, that a little give back, and a massage with a happy ending would make this years B-Day a bit happier.


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