This is a Colang?

Saw a deffinition on on one of my Word Watch pages saying that a language and words made out of popularity is defined as a colang. They even suggested as a example our language that of Quonas. Quonas is the native language, of that planet that popularized in Star Trek canon as that of Klingon. Many miss-spell the word It truly is spelled Qo’nos it is the 3rd planet in the Beta quadrant.  Much of the rituals and celebritory rights etc of the Knytes-of-Dixie come from Klingon rituals and protocols. 

Didn’t go to Church today. In fact with this new bed I got from the Club, all I can do is sleep. I think besides the need to drain my brain for the stress I have been under for 4 months , my spirit has been injured, as well as my body needing to make up from the lack of quiet peaceful area of where I plant my head now. However I’m not so sure its not either the meds, I have been taking for my diabetes or the other things that took much of my strength . Example went to the store, and it was all I could do to walk through the store to find what I needed. My vision was blurry, except when my butt is planted in a rig, Hey this schitte is spooky. Doctor says he’d put me on insulin, but won’t due to the fact he knows that would pretty much kill my flight and trucking careers.  

So been catching up on TV , both all my old faves, like House, SVU, but too some new ones. Both of which I am not a big thrill. Miz & Mrs. is a series based on the home life of a wresting star. Its really stupid. Considering the low ratings, USA Network owned by NBC, runs it. How long it lives is a wonder. Same with the Christley family which this year takes the two older siblings especially the blonde that from news for Variety says she’s engaged. Why would you want to marry such a dingbat? Simple , the inlaws are Rich. The old man is a recreated real estate mogul, so why not prey on a rich dingbat? 

More later.

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