An abandoned air strip seeds the idea of a Bikers town, a Harley Commune.


Yesterday I did what I have been aching and yearning to do for months even a year. The local sub charter of the Knytes and I with a slight rain took to the highway. To where Hazzard City will be. So as to not jinx the project, the 100,000 acres, its place where its at , based on the idea of having a place, where local law, and local if not regional wize a fight the system, fully anti-establishment town.

For those of us who worship just slightly second to Jesus Christ, our rides 6 or 2 wheels whether it says Chevy chevy_logo-720x561 or Harley Logo Wings 1 would be at peace and enjoy complete freedom and liberty based on Confederate values. It’s a place that was the dream of one of our founders, John Teller c77516de9256dc53d1274180d20209d8 as well as Kahless Kahless_(painting) and of course me IMG_0022. The idea first surfaced in 1987 when Bro aka the King of Spades, as well as two others of us, started making the area a yearly destination of Church meetings of the Knytes. The area is so remote that it barely has electricity let alone Internet, and very low Cell phone coverage. What drew me to the area, was an abandoned air strip. Even then the Knytes were involved in creating our AyreCrew. AYRECREW1ayre crew bannerand abandoned air strip, to build our organizations HQ. The project has been put on hold in a holding pattern for nearly 24 years. With a financial gift from a long donor, we are in a spot to be able to engage the program.

ayre crew bannerSpeaking of the AyreCrew. For as many years, its always been the one tool on the tailgate of the organization. If anyone really cares the AyreCrew is the co-parent organization of the Knytes-of-Dixie funkie dixie chick1not the other way around. The basic concepts behind all the model / talent, searches, started on the crux of the taking of old style military aircraft nose and body art and making the real. 0fe4e46144bf56fbac1ad22850970712corsair The lady who made her debut through this style of photography is Myrna Lloyd loy-11111This style of videography, lends its way to tow trucks and yes bikes. As a combat fighter pilot I can tell you we in towing feel our closeness to our trucks as that combat pilots aircraft. So why not personalize it? The rest of that in another entry here. The bottom line of this report, is that most if not all of the AyreCrew, The Knytes, are tired of being told no. Of what is can’t be changed, that what is, is the way it has to be, not what could or should be. Where kids can be safe to walk to school , where Women can go shopping downtown and not fear being violated , where schools teach truths, not politically generated curriculum lesson plans. Final line, Welcome to Hazzard City CSA.

HAZZARD CITY MINI LOGOhazzard pappys sig1

d9fe44ae3e4432c381503d6db812592d--anarchy-quotes-jax-tellersons-of-anarchy-family-collage-6-638uni tail

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