Sun was out and it is cold still. And if you were dared could you do it? And my PoohBear

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THE END OF DAYHere it is the end of another day , with the sun out, got on the scoot, but too cold came home with my ears frozen to my brain bucket. Had to have the er here warm up my ear skin just to get it off, but okay now.

Okay we as a club and organization HAZZARD SYNDICATE REPORTwe are making strides in baby steps. The move here to western Idaho two years ago next month, the there but not there, just beyond reach, Cable-One, CenturyLink, the mess with visual talent as well as on air radio talent. Then came the mess in Jerome, has cost the club big money. Relying on Church resources some have came through, but my Ward in Jerome not going the full distance really put the clubs radio station and network behind the 8-ball, however I know there is light at the end of this cave. I would love to be on air, already, but we have been having trouble finding a place for it, but I am believing that Heavenly Father placed me right where it all started.

dreamy-stinkpantyhose_feet_sniffing-4_tmba great sniff


If you were dared to do something really off the wall, could you do it? Either the do-er or the Do-ee. Here’s the idea. And I don’t exclude my self as being one of the do-er’s. Back when I was tight with Monkee, the concept of doing a sniff-over centered on enhancing the slogan Heavy Rescue Toewing has stuck with for as long as I can remember the idea is, at an open area such as a fair, or such, would be for me to huff the feet aka kiss toes with our tag We Love Toews.

TOEW SMOOCH 2Set the record for such a thing and draw attention by and from all media for such a splash, to toewing as well as our toew service and of course the radio network dedicated to such.

So the big question is, if you’re a feminitile and you were dared to allow some guy to smooch your feet and toews in public, would you do it, and for how much money?

We are looking for talent,restin toes

More over night.

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