Heavy Rescue and KTOW. Feeling at peace.

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Do not ignore those ideas that come when you having a crap. Several weeks ago, residing in Twin Falls, between having my insides wanting to exit my skeletal construction. I was just partially tuned into a new addition of the towing industry on the weather channel, Heavy Rescue 401. So the name Heavy Rescue started bubbling up inside of me. Since then the massive effort has began to rid our, my company , of all old titles and names, and do just one, fleet wide. As it is the rebuild is all tied to one name, Heavy Rescue Toewing. An exclusively heavy truck towing and recovery aka rescue company. Let other go fetch little cars and such, we only tow the heavies. That’s just a start.

HazzardAyre Radio and its flagship station KTOW have been suffering since October. A bunch of manure flowed through the chute, and all that was is being honed for some new adventures but remaining the radio voice of the American Towing Professional, as well as the voice of today’s Confederacy. For once, I can say I feel at peace, I am sleeping and unwinding my brain. PoohBear is still in the picture, and God knows , how much I love her. Of the many people I know she has stood by me, supported me and together, she and I not only will build Heavy Rescue Toewing, but a life. Yet there are some that once they have tasted the old Wolf here, have decided they want to invade the sovernity of our Universe. So I’m saying here , yes we cast for ad pitch women for the company, but the only woman that gets to see me at home is my sweet little PoohBear.

More L8R.

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