Observations through the Windshield


toewers bluesWednesday was a thriller, if you want to call viewing the white throne and discharging human waste from both ends. Of course I’m hungry, unfortunately no place is open until 08:00 its not the retailers fault, it’s the fault of a bunch of people that participated in the Stop&Rob antics of just a few years ago. So to stop shrinkage they close at 23:00 or about then. So I need to push down the feelings of looking at a steer in the field and thinking what that be on a grill.

Okay let’s move on.

First of my good friend at KTVB , segued out of the ten pm news cast singing which was a great exit moment. However I have to wonder who the hell, produced that promo bit for KTVB’s morning drive newscast. The music sucks, which is as disgusting as the entire visual. Larry looks like a zombie idiot on that. With Dee Sarton leaving in June, and some of the small but noticeable on air mistakes one has to wonder of the real story behind Dee, retiring. Is there a shake up, at KTVB? Which relates to what I was barking about the other night and something we have trouble filling the gap, but KTVB seldom even in our area weathercasts of what the weather is going to be here in the Mini Cassia area. Of course I too wonder at the brains or lack thereof, at Cable-One, not stopping the station from Boise/Twin-Falls, and transferring the signals from Idaho-Falls/Pocatello? Of course Cable-One ain’t been known for intelligence.

It really is time to revive HazzardAyre.

Happy ToewshappytoesLexi2

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