Could it really happen? A teaser from ET says possibly. With remakes all over the place two films are in the works here.

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Heard on ET the other night that there is motion on the ocean of doing a sequel of She’s All That. Its amazing how age and such changes mega stars. Rachael Lee Cook, looks amazing but two bambino’s have enlarged certain anatomical parts. Such is life. I watched that special report on ET(Entertainment Tonight) on the sequels and old shows. Some of the legends and Idols I used to wet the carpet over are now , while still attractive , I must say some stars look even better now than they did in the era. Take Karen Valentine, (Room 222) who in the era, had hotter legs that Daisy Duke and a few others did.

9a8f92e4fb5e201a6534c2058d79e38dimages Of course who could forget Jennifer O~Neil of Summer of 42. The film that has never been done in a sequel, trust me SouthernSteele Media is looking at doing that.

Okay then;HRJ 1toewers blues

The war seems to continue between the Knytes and Facebook. We put something up, but its taken down purtty fast. Yet the bastards put up friend and page/group suggestions, 80% are model intros with those the girls, not women, but girls 17 and younger. With Kiddy Porn sniffers out to nail anyone doing that, do you think I want that on stuff on my newsfeed? Yet it keeps up. Then and apparently Facebook’s censors, have not got in their pea-pickin heads that, I’m very,  married, as in no longer available. So why put the teaser pic and such up on that thing that asks the question , Here’s people you may know” Some I do, but I ain’t doing that. I am very much in love with my little PoohBear. Just like LexiBelle, my LexiBelle , I’ll give PoohBear and LexiBelle up, when they’re planting my ass in the ground at the Grace Idaho Cemetery , but not before, yet FakeBook has to keep throwing that up on my FB newsfeed. For a social media site that’s supposed to know everything about everybody, they’re artificial intelligence doesn’t know schitte.

Church at 09:00 so hitting the rack. Catch ya’ll at 13:00 hours.


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