Sweet Angels and equal Employment my Arse .

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It truly amazes me at just how dumb you are. Used to be the theory that it depended on just where your standing on this continent as to how dumb you were. With Internet and all that’s no longer an excuse. Yet and this a prequel, I see every day something on FB that by the highway is becoming a drying up pond, that every government entity even on our southern ground is taking down or removing Confederate monuments. Yet those same people are the ones that will spend $50.00 on a tank of fuel in their highjacked Ford 4X4 call themselves Rednecks 70% of em have never worked on no farm, and they’ll spend even more money on a boozer night at the local honky tonk, and then return to FB and bitch about another atrocity befell to the Confederacy . Yet here is good old KTOW FM the home of HazzardAyre Radio just me and erin0605080248

0110080146astruggling to voice the words of both defense as well as knowledge to most of the Yankees as well as Government revenuer types that could change this course. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Politicians hate any kind of bad publicity. You also are so damn ignorant to what’s really going on. In 2007-1/2 a guy named Stephen Monk contacted me for assistance in establishing the Confederate National Party. Monk dropped the ball, but I can tell you this the Knytes-of-Dixie made it an active political party. Yes a Candidate could run on and even get elected on the party. Yet too little media covers the party, even those who silently believe in it will not talk about it. Oh no that will leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth. But good luck to you. Example, Beth-Ann who hosts and all CSC TalkRadio, believes in the principles of the Confederacy, but as of yet, never has made a phone call to me to talk about the CNP. Nope, but always says good luck to you. In media what gets programmers and producers eyes and attention is Money. If the Knytes bought air time from CSC Talk Radio, to FoX News , bet you behind the networks and a helluva lot of both Democrats and Republicans would sit up, and take notice, if you spend enough money they will be there. Then perhaps that sweet flag of oursimages2might just gain the respect it deserves. The best way to fight a bully, is instead of taking the punishment, is to turn around and kick the bully in the groin. But this is the attitude this nation has taken ever since 9/11. All too many have stuck their heads in the sand or ran to a safe zone, thinking don’t upset the boat. Its like I have seen and heard from many areas about how Women want to be paid for equal work, as well as equal risk as a man doing the same job or career. Yesterday was So Called Earth Day. Created in Part by Slick Willy , the idea then was since the invent of the Interweb, people could work from home. Even hiring someone especially a woman to be an office assistant, the EEOC said that was cool as there was one extra potty, and two entrances to the structure and that living quarters were apart from when the job was located. Of course, women were not as chicken spooked as they are now. Heaven help a company if the majority of the home based job is located, if you try to hire a woman for a job there, before she shows up, bet your next tank of diesel that the fuzz will show up first. Simply put, women have a vagina , men have a penus , if women in this nation want to get equal pay for equal work, as a man grow a pair in those ovaries , If America is going to be what me and many of my brethren Marines and all branches of service, then be willing to help make a change, if those in the FB group Heritage not Hate and so many of the rest of em want to make the Confederacy noble and preserve our monuments, then stay home one weekend between SSI paychecks, carve out $100.00 and contribute to the Knytes-of-Dixie , that way we can field a candidate in the 20/20 election. Hey we not win anything, but if we drown the air waves, even CSC Talk Radio, and FoX News can’t ignore the voice of Dixie.

It’s time to back away from the keyboard and open your checkbook, so we in the Knytes-of-Dixie, can help the Confederacy as well as the rest of America. Then Eagle will quit crying.

See ya’ll in the morning.

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The End

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