The Wind beneath my Wings, The Next big thing and yep Today is my birthday, Yipee.

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I never speak enough about my PoohBear, 0414191524Granted she’s not the pearl of looks, but hell neither am I. IMG_0055That said, PoohBear a nick name I made up from Winnie the Pooh. Mostly due to her being sweet and the fact she gets in a bunch of mischief . For all the foxes and near super foxes that I have ever hooked up with PoohBear has stuck by me and supported me in just about everything I have attempted in the last 4 years. Sure we have had our fights, and real knock down drag our quarrels and true she has been the cause of a severe bunch of sheer bullshit, but I think that most of it has made us stronger as a couple. Sure we are not living together, for many reasons, not all financial, but before I marry anyone she has to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have a Temple recommend. That way we can be married for all eternity. That is the main hold back. Its not just the pity dues money she sends that is split between the Knytes, and the WolfPack, I don’t see hardly any of it. Except for partial rent on my very humble domicile. Bottom line , I truly love her, and I’m sticking with her.

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There is all too much poor TV out there for you to digest. Most of the 500 plus channels on cable and satellite, is owned by too few companies. There is little diversity. I felt this not too long ago, when I counted how many channels there are yet I watch maybe 4 of them. When the only things on TV overnight is USA channel, and Disney Channel makes one wonder what is this? When all that’s on, on USA Channel is life with the Chisley’s or Miz and Mrs. its time for a kick ass effort to improve pay TV. So it was the Knytes met and said lets roll out HazzardAyre Network into the HazzardAyre TV Network. Grow it out from someplace than urban NYC or Hollyweird. Watch for than in the fall of 2020.

1556333438907715112815_1187110 Yes today is my birthday. One more year older than I was yesterday and it doesn’t feel much different than I did last year. The last big big Birthday I had was 3 years ago, the Knytes took me to one of our bars in Utah, past that, my Birthday has become just another day. Yes I have things to do, like moving gear and all here to B-Town , but hey I’m giving myself a present . I’m taking off my clothes, curling up on my bunk, watch whatever on TV and catching some snooze time.

L8R Ya’ll


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