Artificial Intelligence not so Intelligent .

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I would be in bed, asleep, or at Church, but near empty fuel tank, and going to need Skoal l8r today, its damn frigging cold, so I’m awake. Reminds me of a time not so long ago in CokeVille Wyoming. Rented a house there for $500.00 that had no heat, it was an old boiler that had rusted to hell, add to that a front window was broke. Could not get fully warm no matter what I did. Shortly after that night into early morning with my teeth chattering, I said to hell with that noise so moved to Evanston. People who rent property to other people, ought to at least seal up the joint. Front door is off on one lower hinge just enough to render a slight gap, to where that wicked cold wind blows through. Sometimes so hard that the damn door just flys open. Not good.

Changed a few things on the website a bit, to reflect the path and vector we are going in the company. As I said in my last early morning post, Without AyreWolf/HazzardAyre Aviation, Heavy Rescue Toewing amongst other things would never survive. The Company will be ran by myself and my SheWolf PoohBear. So as I worked on a few things even on FakeBook which ran so slowly , seems anymore FakeBook is like a blimp to full of Hot air, facefartthat you could swear is about to burst. KNYTES RULEnot for me. Quite frankly if a lot of our business connections Interweb, wasn’t tied to FakeBook, I’d delete my profile on there and give it up. Of course dealing with both Twitter and Google isn’t much different. Albeit a bit easier to muddle through . This all encompassing Artificial Intelligence , is far from being intelligent. AI as it is labeled has no real intuition, or beyond lateral forward or domestic vision. It needs to be more refined long before it is even more widely deployed.

FAA says we all need to upgrade our avionics in our aircraft. Flat panels and all are great, GPS navigation is groovy too, but what happens when the batteries puke? Your there a long for the ride. No thank you, I’d rather have my old style analog gauges there, that don’t need battery. That in my opinion is the only way to fly.

More on the horizon this evening. Including the fly girls project.

L8R Aviators.

Me Seniorour buisness card


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