The Ayre of HazzardAyre

HazzardAyre GazzettegOOD Sunday Morning

the ayre of hazzardayre main title hedderGood Sunday morning to ya’ll. Don’t be fooled by the rays of Sunshine here, as that damn wind is colder than a bankers handshake.

This morning I want to speak on AyreWolf Aviation, our buisness cardwithout which there would be no HazzardAyre,or Heavy Rescue Toewing.

See in late 2003 after I had toiled in Utah and all ,I saw this ton and a half truck, that had the right mirrors for LexiBelle, so after talking to the owner and all went out to fetch em. Now the location was just next to what was then Bountiful SkyPark(airport) now known as Woods Cross SkyPark. So after fetching the mirrors for LexiBelle, I sat for schitts and giggles at the edge of the main runway, and watched and yearned for flying and seeing the aircraft touch down, and some lifting off the tarmac.

Now prior to that in 2001 residing in Jerome Idaho, caught the buzz of Corsairs landing at the Jerome Airport there. After consulting with the owners of AirPower UNLMTD. The final sibling of the Hazzard Knytes came together. So I had already caught the air dizzese. So sitting at that runway edge , listening to the birds taking off and landing, I thought, if AirPower can do it, so can we. At the time there was maybe 5 outfits in the nation restoring vintage military aircraft. Mostly Air Force byrds. But few doing both fixed wing or rotorcraft(helicopter) restorations and repair. So at the time was residing with my deceased Cousin Bud, and talked to him about it. What about setting up shop there at SkyPark, redouxing vintage military aircraft? Bud being wize thought that at the time(hey I’m getting better at it)to manage money called in my 3rd Cousin Gordon Sant. Discussion was that Gordon, would be exec CEO, me in charge of service and wrenching. So with the last $300k, of the Montgomery Foundation pending recovery in a year from now, but with the last $300k AyreWolf Aviation was formed, in a older hangar at SkyPark, in 2004. In 2005 Gordon contracted with I can’t remember how many Government agencies, but we did one helluva bang up of killing bugs and mosquitos in northern and mid-Utah. This was the status quo until late 2006 when I moved to Evanston, really CokeVille Wyoming. In early 2007 Gordon, got the idee of getting hitched, he did and moved him and her to Alaska, as well as AyreWolf Aviation , in 2010 we split the company still with Gordon being Exec CEO, but we split the company, AyreWolf Aviation into two equal groups. AyreWolf Aviation in Alaska, and by a gift of divine inspiration, HazzardAyre Aviation in the western lower half of the United (so called) States of America. HazzardAyre Aviation does the restoration half, AyreWolf Aviation does the active flying. As for me , I still mainly the wrenching, and resto work, hired staff aviators fly the ag, spraying aviation and hired air medical evac work. As far as the WolfPack. That just happened. Originally we named the aviation club the BlackSheep Aviation Association. And even though I served under that Marine MCAS group, still, State Department and DoD said no. Why the club? Just as it is with the Hazzard County Knytes, which was formed simply as a promotion concept by Jimmy Mac and I to spotlight the, then, Hazzard County Garage. Idea was to gather all the rural go fast good old boys gearheads together in one place, they build, and buy parts etc from us at the shop. Same thing with the WolfPack aka:the AyreWolvez. Nobody’s looking back or regretting it even till today.

Now then: With Heavy Rescue Toewing being finalized as to be our handle to going towing, its time to focus some attention on the Ayre Crew.

ayre crew bannerWhich is a shame, since as I said earlier all the rest including Heavy Rescue Toewing would not be, since its AyreWolf Aviation that funds by 80% of the Knytes. As well as everything else we do. To date the WolfPack numbers 150,000 half of the entire organization, nationwide.

It’s Church time, so fly with ya’ll L8R.

L8R Aviators.

my big sigour buisness card

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