Sorry for the Interruption but I have to howl

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After reading an article, in Radio Ink,  on the lack of or discrimination of Country female artists on radio I came away from that with one major thought. One that we at KTOW have fought with and for , for years. Be LIVE, not automated. Allow the on air jocks decide what to play on air. Does it sound good? Is it a hardly known artist? Is the artist local in your area, spin the dang song. Letting computers and researchers decide what to play, as well as automation, decide what sounds good is simply BS. No Computer or automation gizmo can get emotional, or attached to a song or artist. Only a LIVE jock, can get into a song, and spin it. The thing of discrimination against women artists on country radio, is bunk. Back in the day, artists, like Tammy Wynette , Lynn Anderson, whose song Rose Garden was a mega hit. Add to that Coal Minors Daughter, Tanya Tucker and others got spun, why? Because there was a real LIVE human sitting in a studio playing music. If most of radio wants to solve its difficulties, get someone LIVE in that chair in the cockpit Vought_Corsair_-_Cockpitjust me and erinof that radio station, not leave it to computers and researchers.

My thoughts , I could be wrong.

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