The Afro is alive and well so are corn rows, question is; Why?

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Maybe it’s just the Confederate in me, or maybe my hillbilly ways, but have you noticed that near every video for TV whether its for a commercial, or a series, Blacks, are all shown with Afros? Why? Can’t African Americans grow and style their hair with some other look? Beyoncé did, although blonde hair on a black person doesn’t work well. That said there is little variation. If not Afro’s, its pig tails. So stereotypical. Hey maybe or maybe not they have political gripes, or even ethical or what ever gripes, but they could gain some credence by unratting and straightening out their head. Damn my mullet is aching.

no crap3 Did a lot of scholastic crap yesterday, not only doing studying to renew my GAL, as well as basic EMT training after all if AyreWolf/HazzardAyre Aviation, is going further in the for hire private medical transport by air, best have some basic life support training.

When it comes to pay tv despite the so called survey, that was recently gave by JD Powers, which I know that survey is fixed still Cable-One needs some real serious overhaul on their system in the greater Twin Falls, Idaho area which includes Burley. needs new administrative and infrastructure upgrades. I don’t like to bad mouth the company, since around here considering the mountainous area we live in, but , and its not always the techs, since they do what they are told, or gave permission to do. But the higher up’s in Arizona, that sell the product, have no idea of what the scenario is here in our area. As for our company when a fire up our version of AyreWolfFM which includes HazzardAyre Radio. It won’t be streamed on Cable-One, my choice even though there’s a need for some local engineers here in our area, still CenturyLink set me up with Greg a site engineer that went way beyond the call of duty. When it comes to TV , Hello Project Mutual, no Cable-One.

This is PersonalThis month of May is one of my mom. My Mother was the finest lady that I have ever seen and I feel blessed that she is albeit living with Heavenly Father, still I feel honored to be her son. Between Mothers Day, Memorial Day and my Mom’s Birthday, its one of those times I am blue and moody.

Until L8R Aviators.

Me Seniorour buisness card

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