How Bizzark is it that a big hospital does not have at least one jar of Mentholatum in the whole place? And does FB really know about you?

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How Bizzark is it, when an entire mega hospital with all the advanced medicine, doesn’t even have a small jar of Mentholatum download? The one thing I considered is it might just be some big Pharma, said don’t you even dare  have that available. In reality the thought is if your problem of trying to breathe, in a room or a hospital room, where the air is so damn dry,it’s called living in a mountain desert, you can’t keep anything down food wise, but those vapors from the Mentholatum could at least aid in respitory relief. Of course not all is praiseworthy, and I don’t really fault the young women there attempting to be nurses, and C-N-A’s there . It’s what the Doctor on staff at the time says for them to do. Problem is, its not always the underling nurses, and c-n-a’s , it’s the head witch nurse calling the shots, and there’s many of them , if the witch nurse gets a thorn in her ass about you, nothing or very little you request will be honored. Thing is; and I’m not completely faulting St. Luke’s, as overall, they are a fine facility, problem is if you need to be admitted , your in bed, a very uncomfortable bed at that,even with the multitude of angles you can adjust the damn thing, the frigging mattress, is just about a few cliques from a military cot . Want food? as long its not on a restricted diet, your wish is their gift. Trust me, it ain’t no gift, your paying for it. From ice cream, to cream of chicken soup, is on tray from the basement. Now too we are talking of an area that is in a age group, of 25 to 45 maybe, of people wanting to get into and stay or make a career in healthcare. It’s a training part residency, hospital. Most of the patient support staffs are women, who have multiple problems themselves, not just biologically. that don’t have a lot of if much of any experience. Two examples; My very first visit to St. Luke’s was one of, are you that fucking stupid?

The hospital had been pumping me up all day, with a liquid diet. But they had the damn bed rigged so if I got out of it, the alarm went off. Well I had to piss, Couldn’t get out of bed, asshole staff ignored my nurses call button, after awhile I just fell asleep. Mid morning found my bed was wet. Yep, pissed the bed. Now it does not take too many brains to conclude if you’re a nurse, that sweet smelling urine, from a type 2 diabetic meant I pissed the bed. Could they be bothered to change the sheets and give me something dry to wear? Nope, not until the next morning after shift changes. I had adult diaper rash for nearly a month after. Good heck St. Luke’s nurses, pay attention to the damn patients. Next, this episode, I went in hurling much worse than the time just described. They gave me some sort of medicine in a IV, which took four of them, to figure out to start an IV, Sorry, my blood is thick, it does not flow like water, more like raspberry jam, and it takes awhile to get going. However the medicine was going in and coming back up in puke. As a result I suffered small acid burns on my lower lip. Here was this young gal working, too busy farting around on the computer, and not even noticing. Again nurses and c-n-a’s watch the patient.

fb-blimpOkay then. Why is it, that facebook always puts up pages and fan pages of girls that are not any older if they’re lucky , that 20 years old? Now over the last few weeks up until today since the fire kid that came with the meatwagon the other day poked the wrong button on the TV, but I’ve been watching lots of Law and Order SVU, and Chicago PD. NCIS, and a bunch of others. If some fuzz was to start looking over some things on my FB feed, and saw young girls on it. The attitude of some fuzz types about me would be all the wrong way. Sure I supervise casting for the Club’s videos and TV ads etc, but even me, I wont even talk to a girl under 21 years old and that better be verifiable. Yet FB wants to put those friend suggestions up. Doesn’t FB look at your current status and take into consideration, that A; your married, B; that your way the hell over the 40 year demographic and even look at your other postings, such as on your WEBSITE, not theirs. Its setting some guy out there up, to have explain some things to the fuzz, and perhaps even get convicted on a Stat-Rape charge at least. It’s been said that FB’s algorithms are supposed to know so well, when in fact , they don’t. It’s a not so much a big mystery to those of business, as well as entertainment and such business’s, that fb is going down like a blimp with a hole in the bottom,fb-blimp

and yet the dang social media Goliath has no real leadership. Zuckerburg, is just a figure head, he does not do very much and his minions, have no clue to the real world. Especially the United(so-called) States. and worse states between California and NYC. I don’t like ragging on FB, as they are trying, but like rural healthcare, both have yet to mature and bloom. I just hope its no me that get’s called on the carpet about having underage girls, even starlets on my FB feed. Hopefully later today New Leaf Properties will bring me a replacement TV.


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