I hate being the secret shopper at the hospital, modern rural healthcare is in real need indeed.

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Good Monday morning to ya’ll. Ever feel like you got drugged through a manure pit? Here’s the gig, Wednesday last was the infamous pay day for most of us military alumni, so after going partly hungry for three days, only because I was too damn lazy to go to the store. Hey I’m mostly content here now. Any mile took my butt to the bank, Denny’s and eventually to the store. Figuring, PoohBear would get her money by Thursday last , I got undressed and hit the sack. After of course grooving on a STNG Marathon, that included mucho Voyager and even more Kess and 7 of 9. But Friday was another thing entirely, started hurling at 02:00 and continued into early Saturday, figured I best go to hospital, here in Burley since part of my barf contained serious blood. I’d have better to have driven myself, took the meatwagon here 8 minutes in response time. Then the ER nurses volunteers, one could not find a vein to plumb an IV. After an X-Ray, and CT scan, Cassia hospital said we can’t treat you. So they sent me to the wonderful St. Luke’s . So early Saturday they stuck a bigger bioscope down my throat dilated my esopfocus and there I was. Now this visitation into another world was not as bad as the last. I had 2 nurses, and 2 cna’s to take care of me. Now they wouldn’t budge on the Skoal thing, but they did provide a better measure of care than what I had in my brain and had , had the last round. As it is , I can go through open surgery to cut out that part of my innerds that has the ulcer, or every other month go to the hospital have the out put tube from my belly that removes gas dialated. I’m restricted to a liquid diet, and absolute no or very little stress. While I can continue wrenching on helicopters, my flight hours are cut back and short distances only.

The mini Cassia area is growing, by wide margins. The abandoned shopping retail Mall they had here , is near full. There is commerce here, and if I dig in here, with HCC as well as HRT(Heavy Rescue Toewing) I’ll be okay, and also do in the short run up, rebuild our radio gig. I would have thought that a hospital loosely tied to Intermountain Health Care out of Utah, would have had to have more in modern capabilities in treatment. As bad as the hospital was in Evanston, Wyoming, they are light years ahead of Cassia Memorial here in Burley. As it is my throat is as sore or more than sore than Linda Lovelace at a Marines stag party, at the mansion under the sea, in California(yes it still exists.) . So can’t talk much.

On the final here; Who was the architect that designed the toilets at St. Luke’s, Hospital, in Twin Falls. They must have only thought that pint sized women would come to the hospital. It’s very difficult to get relaxed enough to drop a load, when your testicles are dragging through the water(yes I’m built large) . When balls get wet is no thrill there. My comment to one of the few bitchy women that worked there caring for me, when she asked did I do the poo, was simply, give me something to eat and I’ll crap.

Next entry, you sure get what you pay for and not much more. Metro PC, needs some input.


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