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Tuesday, it was rainy, chill, and with no TV I just went in and sacked out. What few understand, SuperWolf here, is old. 60, old. When I go through events like over the last week or so, my body needs time to heal and recuperate. So catching as much sleep as I can is required.

I like where I’m at residence wise. This apartment, is managed right, meaning , managed by people with a heart. They understand that shit happens, and a bit of leeway at times is the plan. Not nailing people for simple shit. That and its quiet here, cept for the trains coupling and uncoupling during the day. No sirens, nobody slamming doors, no big meth couple fights, just quiet. There are days that go by that I never leave the place, cept to fetch food or snuff. Plus it gives me a chance to catch up on bills, as long as PoohBear sends $’s on time, combined with what I pull in, I’ll be able to get in a good house before long. Which will be needed once she and I get hitched next year, or so. PoohBear, worries way too much about crap that don’t matter, including damage control. My thoughts on Nicole what’s her name and all, if that’s all they have to do, then its their problem. I have way too much stuff on my plate to concern myself with that kind of rumor mill junk. Like I said in my last post here, want to know, really know me, talk to Bro.

My property manager here, is going over to fetch me a TV Wednesday, my thing is , I need to get busy finding a place for the radio station and all. According to my attorney, the people who have it all locked up, are not legal. You can’t keep the tools that someone uses to make a living with all locked up. So come this time next week should have that being hauled over here. A bunch of people are going to pay, and pay deep after what they have done to me and the Knytes. From the Cook, crooks, to the storage jerks. claiming things that are not true, are actionable litigations, and after some attorney money is paid, my net results will be in the mid $20,million range. Yes I am awake , long enough now to take meds, but as I close, you again gotta wonder about healthcare types. How the hell are you supposed to get any rest or sleep, if they keep waking you up to take vitals? With that said, there was one, c-n-a, there last weekend named Shea. who took good care of me, so I’m thinking of sending her something nice. Too bad there isn’t more of her, in healthcare.

See ya’ll menyanna.

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