Things you take for granted, but shouldn’t.


It’s a Tuesday, PoohBear is still in the hospital, and outside of $3.00 in the bank account, means no phone. My local property managers are being kind and not pushing on rent. So I’m content, up to the point of no TV. Got cable okay, but the old TV that I have here, gave up the ship. So I sit here, having STNG, Voyager, Law & Order SVU and Chicago PD withdrawl. That’s about all I watch on TV cept for the news and lately, the nerds that do that up in this area, are just slightly elevated above a High School TV Journalism class. Damn it, lets get Idaho back or at least advanced to the 21st or 22nd Century.

Okay then. Just like my TV , there are things you just take for granted. As long as it works you pay it no mind. Yet even your car or what ever motorized chariot you have, if you don’t take care of it, it will get the illness’s. Oil changes, spark plug replacements, filters, you have to service your car. Its like the faith I have in Jesus Christ and the Church. Unless you read scripture, take sacrament , and worship, pretty soon you find and feel the distancing of our Heavenly Father. The friends, we cultivate, need to at least be serviced as well. Even if it is a once a week or so a quick greeting on FB or by phone text, at least say hello how ya’ll doing. Don’t just think, ah they are fine, and ignore them, as the day will come when you’ll need them and they just will no be there. Example, last weekend at the point of discharge I really needed a ride, from the hospital in Twin Falls here to Burley. Because I had paid most of my bills cept fer phone and the half of my rent I was broak broke. No money for a taxi, the one I thought would was down, so called my friend near Wendell for a ride. Situation was she had Sunday family things that is really more important, so after lots of inquiring, got a ride from my Ward in Twin and all was okay. Kathleen and family is at least to me the finest people you could ever meet. they have a heart, and love for others, that can’t be matched very close. Of course to me the one saint although he thinks he isn’t, but Charles Legg, of A1 Towing and Heavy Haul, is one that I truly think can walk on water. Getting back, because of the distancing of relationships like Kathleen, here I come with a slight big task. In some part of her, must have been , your calling for what? Where have you been? Etc. Thing is because I haven’t massaged that relationship, there wasn’t the big overjoy to do something for me. I look at things like that, as I do with planting a farm field. It’s great to drop a seed or so on the ground and get it planted. however if you don’t, water it, give it attention, what ever crop that field was to produce will not produce. Even business’s. You can create a business, but unless you work it and tend to its affairs, it too, will not produce revenue.

This here, is a bit personal.

This weekend is Mothers Day. I reflect on my Mom, in ways most can’t imagine.

I consider all the time that I didn’t give attention to and with my Mom. My Mother was not or acted unlike any other. Not only was she my Mom, but Mothered a helluva lot of people in this Tragic Valley. The money we gave, the gifts we gave it was a thing of pride, that I called my mom, MY MOM. Even with it being 36 years since she passed on to be with Heavenly Father, I still reach back and ask, Mom now what do I do? Mothers Day, Memorial Day, and my Mom’s Birthday on the 28th of this month. I really miss my Mom. I miss the meals, the big house, and her ultimate knowledge of the Universe, from anything medical, to being able to tear into a tractors engine, to teaching Sunday School, on Sunday. My Mom could and did, everything.

Now last here. Someone asked me last week, if there was anyone on Earth that truly knew me, and how I think etc. As well as my family. There is one and yet I have lost track of him, his name is: Lester, Allan, Culbertson, Junior. Not only were we MC kin, I think too we had to be blood kin. In reality no, but it felt like it. Bro as I called him, was closer to me than any Brother kin, type. The things we did together, the real true adventures went beyond normal. And yet, because I didn’t keep in touch, I lost him forever. But for the few that want to know me, ask Bro.

See Ya’ll this evening.

uni tailBambi Farts

Pappy Sig

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